Learn Korean With These Apps and Online Courses You Can Get for Free

All The Best Apps and Online Courses for Korean Language Lessons

Did we mention that they’re all for free?

Been watching a lot of K-dramas lately? Then you’ve probably considered learning the Korean language at least once. Admit it — wouldn’t it be nice not having to rely so much on the English subtitles? Or are you aspiring to go and live in South Korea some day? Sounds like a cool idea, we know!

Whichever it is, we can all agree that studying a new language is exciting. So, why not go for it and finally learn Korean? It’s about time we see what we’ve been missing out on from this awesome culture! And in case you’re not sure where to start, well, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re a beginner or simply brushing up on your skills, here are some of the best apps and online courses for Korean lessons. 

Best apps for Korean Lessons

Learn how to read, write, and speak Korean with these free top-notch apps. They’re all available both on Android and iOS, too! 

1. TenguGo Hangul

More often than not, the main challenge in learning Korean is Hangul: their very own alphabetic system. After all, it includes some sounds that aren’t found in English! That’s where TenguGo Hangul comes in. This app features instructions for reading and writing in Korean, as well as charts for vowels and consonants. It even has audio and animated demos to help with your pronunciation. 

The app also comes with a “Secrets of Hangeul” section! This provides useful info on Hangul itself, which might help you get a better grasp on some concepts.

Learn Korean from this app: Android | iOS

2. LingoDeer

For fun and innovative teaching methods, LingoDeer is your best bet! For starters, it follows a building block approach, which allows you to see your progress after each lesson. We particularly like how the lessons seamlessly integrate vocabulary, sentences, and local culture, making it easy for you to use your skills IRL! 

It features many different lesson and quiz formats to keep things interesting. At the same time, it also ensures that you have mastered each level before you move onto the next one. In fact, you even get a virtual trophy each time you ace a quiz so as to keep you motivated! That said, this one’s ideal for beginners who have a not-too-impressive attention span.

Learn Korean from this app: Android | iOS

3. Memrise

Remember when your pre-school teacher would use flashcards to help the class memorise the alphabet? Or were you the type who continued using this study trick till college? Either way, we’d all agree that flashcards help a lot. And this is exactly what Memrise does! It lets you submit your own Korean vocabulary deck. The app then converts your input into different formats like mix-and-match games, spelling challenges, and definition prompts. 

Its pretty layout is always a plus! During your sessions, expect a cute seedling icon that blooms into a purple daisy every time you master a Korean word. How cute is that? 

Learn Korean from this app: Android | iOS

4. TOPIK One

The Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK) is a language exam for nonnative speakers who wish to study and/or work in South Korea. If this is something you’re interested in, better download TOPIK One — stat! It helps you prep for its test by showing actual previous versions that are split into three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. And of course, you can also click on the appropriate answers afterwards! 

You can also download some extra files (for a low price) that allow you to listen to Korean words and phrases. We’d say this is handy if you want to master your pronunciation. 

Learn Korean from this app: Android | iOS

5. HelloTalk

Looking for a more interactive learning experience? Try HelloTalk! This ‘language exchange’ app matches you with people who are fluent in the language you want to learn and want to learn the language that you’re fluent in. So, if you’re a fluent English speaker, then you’ll be matched with a fluent Korean speaker who wants to learn English in turn. It’s like having a pen pal-slash-language tutor, or like joining a virtual student exchange program!

Learn Korean from this app: Android | iOS

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Best online courses on the Korean language

These platforms offer free formal Korean lessons that you can take at home! (Come on, it’s not like we can freely go out that much these days).

6. Coursera

Okay, so in case you’ve been living under a rock: Coursera offers massive open online courses and degrees on nearly every subject you can think of. That said, you can be sure they offer Korean language classes! To start off, we recommend Learn to Speak Korean 1 by Yonsei University, which is currently the highest-rated Korean course on the platform. It covers six weeks of conversational lessons on food, shopping, introductions, and the like. 

Another course from the same uni is First Step Korean, which is a more comprehensive one, yet still ideal for beginners. This one features five lessons in different areas such as speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Oh, and you’ll also be able to learn more about basic Korean culture! 

Take up Korean lessons from this site here

7. Duolingo

Another online learning platform worth trying is Duolingo. Their Korean online course helps you learn quickly and effectively. And all you have to do is dedicate five minutes a day! There’s also an app version, so there’s really no excuse for you to skip your daily lessons. (I mean, come on, cutting a five-minute ‘class’ — really?)

This platform is ideal for those who are still on the fence about learning Korean, mainly because it seems overwhelming. Thankfully, Duolingo really does make it enjoyable with interactive exercises that even some real-life teachers swear by! 

Take up Korean lessons from this site here

8. HowtoStudyKorean

No exaggerations here — the collection of Korean lessons on HowtoStudyKorean is as extensive as it gets. You can access everything there is to know about this subject, freely and thoroughly! Oh, and they even have a YouTube channel with corresponding material, if you’re that extra. (Go big or go home, am I right?) 

Their courses are perfect for those who want to understand how the Korean language works, rather than simply learning it. Don’t be daunted by the immense volume, though — this program will guide you as you go along! 

Take up Korean lessons from this site here

9. Quick Korean

Despite the name, Quick Korean offers an ample collection of video lectures from The Cyber University of Korea. It delves into different topics about Korea — from the language to the country itself. Aside from the usual Hangul fundamentals, you’ll also get a better grasp of the local culture, such as the education system and different occupations. And if you’ve ever wanted to talk (or write) about your travels in full-on Korean, well, this site has something for that, too! 

Quick Korean features four levels, each with its own tests and accompanying PDF materials. The first level even comes with additional YouTube videos! Those who prefer a classroom kind of setup will surely enjoy learning from this site. 

Take up Korean lessons from this site here

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As we await the day that we can safely travel to South Korea once again, perhaps learning their language would fill the hallyu void in the meantime! So, go on and learn Korean with these apps and online courses worth trying. 

Who knows, maybe once you’ve brushed up on your Korean language skills, you just might impress an oppa or eonni that you’ll meet some day. Keep us posted, okay? 

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