Wackiest Hello Kitty Themed Places Around the World

Wackiest Hello Kitty Themed Places Around the World

There’s more than just Hello Kitty themed cafes and hotels. Find out the craziest Hello Kitty experiences you can have.

EVA Air has recently launched their Hello Kitty themed plane which is set to fly from Singapore to Taiwan three times a week. These Hello Kitty jets that have taken to the skies is merely one in a long line of Hello Kitty attractions. Around the world, there are numerous attractions – some cute, some bordering on crazy – for Hello Kitty fans to get their Hello Kitty fix. While these Hello Kitty attractions may be less famous than EVA Air’s jet, they are no less worthy to be on the bucket list of any Hello Kitty fan.

Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe, Taiwan

Image Credits:
Tzuhsun Hsu    

Image Credits: Tzuhsun Hsu    

A cafe licensed by Sanrio, the Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe in Taipei serves all manner of Hello Kitty themed fare. From glasses printed with Hello Kitty to food decorated with Hello Kitty flags, some Instagram shots are an order before tucking into any meal in this cafe! Although the food is said to be a little overpriced, we think it is worth it just for the Hello Kitty atmosphere.

Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine, Hong Kong

Image Credits: Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine

What happens when you mix Chinese cuisine with Hello Kitty? A winning combination. At least, this seems to be true of the Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine restaurant.

The Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine restaurant has an extremely warm reception from Hello Kitty fans, with long queues ever since its opening. It is not hard to see why, for the restaurant serves delicious food, including the most adorable dim sum dishes (all decorated like Hello Kitty, of course).

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Hello Kitty Beauty Spa, Dubai

Image Credits: Hello Kitty Beauty Spa

If you were thinking that the only Hello Kitty themed places that can be found are cafes, think again. In Dubai, there is actually a Hello Kitty themed spa.

Visitors can prepare to be pampered while being surrounded by everything Hello Kitty. And I mean everything – from the robes to pillows.

Hello Kitty Island, Korea

Image Credits: Korea Tourism Organization

Cafes and spas are all good and well, but are they truly enough for a true Hello Kitty lover? The folks at Hello Kitty Cafe in Korea certainly don’t think so. In fact, they upped the ante with Hello Kitty Island on Jeju Island.

Hello Kitty Island houses a museum to educate visitors on the history of Hello Kitty. Besides that, visitors can play in the themed rooms, enjoy the Hello Kitty gift shop or relax in the Hello Kitty Cafe on Hello Kitty Island.

Puroland, Japan

Image Credits: Tokyo Times    

Image Credits: Tokyo Times    

Every Hello Kitty lover has to make their way to Puroland at least once in their lives. Puroland is a dream world for all Hello Kitty fans. Visitors to Puroland can enjoy Hello Kitty themed rides, live shows featuring Hello Kitty and the Hello Kitty live-sized house. And of course, there will be souvenirs for Hello Kitty fans to bring back home to remind them of the amazing experience.

Hello Kitty Town, Malaysia

Image Credits: Sanrio Hello Kitty Town

The first Hello Kitty town outside of Japan, Hello Kitty town in Malaysia offers many activities for the Hello Kitty lover. Visitors to Hello Kitty town in Malaysia can expect to enjoy activities like cookie decorating, the Hello Kitty Black wonder which is an amazing race type activity and even making their own souvenirs.

Lotte Hotel Jeju, Korea

Image Credits: Lotte Hotel Jeju

Can’t get enough of Hello Kitty while you’re out and about? Don’t worry, you can stay in a Hello Kitty themed room as well. The Lotte Hotel on Jeju Island, in conjunction with Sanrio in Japan, has Hello Kitty themed hotel rooms. With all of the rooms being princess themed, Hello Kitty lovers can unleash their inner princess.

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Keio Plaza Hotel, Japan

Image Credits: Keio Plaza Hotel

The royal treatment for visitors to the Hello Kitty themed rooms at the Keio Plaza Hotel Japan starts when you enter the hotel. Visitors to the Hello Kitty themed rooms at the Keio Plaza Hotel are treated like VIPs and are able to check in via an express queue so they do not have to jostle with the rest of the visitors to the hotel. And with Hello Kitty everywhere in the room (painted on walls, on toiletries provided, even on items like hangers…), Hello Kitty lovers are guaranteed to be ecstatic.

Hau Sheng Maternity Hospital, Taiwan

Image Credits: bigpicture.ru

The first Hello Kitty themed medical establishment is currently operating in Taiwan. With the express aim of trying to bring a smile to patient’s faces by using Hello Kitty, the Hau Sheng Maternity Hospital features Hello Kitty everywhere. Patients are welcomed by a Hello Kitty statue dressed in a doctor’s coat before being ushered to rooms with Hello Kitty sheets. Even newborn babies are wrapped up in Hello Kitty blankets! While we are unsure about how effectively therapeutic Hello Kitty is for patients, we do know that the rooms here bring a smile to our faces.

Hearts Dental Clinic, Japan

Image Credits: itmedia.co.jp

Image Credits: itmedia.co.jp

Many people have, at one point in time, been scared by the dentist. This is why the Hearts Dental clinic utilizes Hello Kitty decor – they want to reduce the anxiety felt by patients going to a dental clinic. We think that this is a good idea, especially for younger patients!

Go Green Organic Farm, Hong Kong

Image Credits: Go Green Organic Farm Hong Kong

Hello Kitty on a farm? While the thought may be ludicrous in our minds, Hello Kitty has found her way onto the Go Green Organic Farm in Hong Kong. From scarecrows to signages, Hello Kitty can be found everywhere on this farm.

The Go Green Organic Farm utilises Hello Kitty’s image to bring in both children and adults to experience nature on the organic farm. Children can enroll in the “Hello Kitty Little Farmer Programme” where they will be given a plot of land and lessons on how to farm their plot. After two and a half months, the students will then graduate and get a Hello Kitty certificate. Adults are not left out of the fun either, for they can take cultivation classes, rent plots of land to cultivate and even buy produce with Hello Kitty stickers on them.

So as you can see, there are many places for the Hello Kitty obsessed to get their Hello Kitty fix. Which is your favourite place? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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