Best Cafes in Taipei for Coffee, Brunch, Milk Tea, and More

15 Best Cafes in Taipei for Coffee, Brunch, Milk Tea, and More

The must-try cafes assembled, for a cool bean like you.

There’s more to offer than just the busy street food scene and lively night markets when it comes to the bustling city of Taipei. Though you may travel to the metropolis for these reasons alone (or perhaps due to its beautiful cityscape), we assure you its cafe scene is just as exceptional. FYI, most cafes in Taipei are known for their calming and relaxing ambience. So, if you need a go-to for comfort after a shopping spree, just step inside a cafe here!

Unsurprisingly, you will come across those run by award-winning baristas and those famous for their unique menus. So, hop on and let us introduce you to the 15 best cafes in Taipei to try out on your next trip to Taiwan

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Where to try the best coffee in Taipei

1. Fika Fika Cafe

For coffee patrons who are on the hunt for some speciality coffee, we recommend you head straight to Fika Fika Cafe, a Scandinavian-style cafe in Zhongshan District. Its owner was the champion of the 2013 Nordic Barista Cup in both espresso and roasting categories! So, trying their Nordic-style AeroPress-brewed coffee is a must when you visit this warm and welcoming cafe that makes you feel as if you’re in Stockholm.

Aside from the Nordic-origin coffee, their signature brews include the Brown Sugar Latte (NT$200), Signature Black Coffee (NT$130) and Cube Latte (NT$250). You might also want to try the wide range of panini to complement your drink. 

TripZilla Tip: Due to its popularity, the place is normally packed throughout the day. So, it’s best to come a few minutes earlier before opening hours to save the best spots for you and your buddies. 

2. Simple Kaffa

Simple Kaffa is where you’ll find the best pour-over coffee in Taipei. The mastermind behind this renowned cafe with unique-concept space is the 2016 World Barista Champion, Berg Wu. Get the best selection of hand-poured coffees (from light to medium roast) with authentic coffee beans from Kenya, Guatemala, and Ethiopia. 

The space is huge for a cafe, with plenty of tables to choose from. It’s safe to say that every corner is worthy of brew-tiful shots to spice up your IG feed! 

Be sure to try their most popular brew: the Brown Sugar Latte (NT$200) that’s smooth and caramelised to perfection. If you want to level up your java game, do take a sip or two of their Ethiopia Washed Heirloom (NT$200) and Panama Washed Geisha (NT$600). As for food, you have to try their soft Matcha Swiss Roll (NT$150) made from premium quality Morihan Kyoto Uji matcha. Yummy!

3. GaBee Coffee

Your cafe-hopping journey in Taipei is incomplete without tasting the extensive joe from GaBee Coffee. The shop really lives up to its mantra “We do everything about coffee,” as they serve a wide range of coffees using different brewing styles and ingredients. Van Lin has won several prestigious medals in the coffee scene and is a renowned barista in national circles. So, expect an award-winning beverage to catch your eye as you browse through the menu. 

The beverage in discussion is none other than the Sweet Potato Coffee (NT$130) — Taiwan’s answer to pumpkin spice latte from the west! The drink is hearty and sweet, thanks to the genius combination of sweet potato paste, frothed milk, and espresso. Other interesting items on the menu include carbonated coffee, white gourd coffee, and watermelon coffee. Talk about complexity and variety at its finest. 

4. All Day Roasting Company

Next, we have this modern industrial-chic cafe tucked away in Songshan District. All Day Roasting Company (no worries, they don’t roast people — only coffee) is an indie speciality roastery that offers both single-origin and variety coffee blends. The cafe interior is pretty wide, so it’s easier for you to move around. Plus, you’ll get to choose to either sit on their comfy sofa or somewhere near the wall (for those who prefer some alone time). 

If you don’t prefer your coffee black, opt for soy or almond milk to perfect your daily dose of caffeine. For those who are into espresso, their Peanut Butter Latte (NT$180) is a must-try — take our word for it! Apart from that, their Nano Chala, Biftu Gudina, and Finca Tamana are some of the all-time favourites in this cafe.

5. Coffee Lover’s Planet

Planning a round of shopping at the Pacific Sogo Mall in Da’an District? We recommend you take a break at Coffee Lover’s Planet, another cuppa haven for coffee aficionados out there. Set on the mall’s ground floor, this cafe comes with eye-catching interiors that’ll attract almost anyone who passes by. 

Heads up, you’re in for some serious coffee business once you step inside. That’s because they offer not one, not two, but six different brewing methods for you to choose from: pour-over, drip master, water drip, cold brew, syphon, and French press. You’ll also have a hard time (in a good way) choosing your beans as there are over 20 flavorful options to choose from! 

Their drinks can get quite pricey given the top-notch quality of their cuppa. But if you’re all about finding the best coffee in Taipei, then Coffee Lover’s Planet is definitely worth a try or two. 

6. Fong Da Coffee

If you want to go old-school and wish to experience Taipei in the ’60s and ’70s, bring yourself to Fong Da Coffee. This Ximending cafe has been brewing since 1956, so expect a nostalgic ambience from the moment you walk in. The distinct aesthetic makes it a popular attraction not only among locals, but also coffee-loving travellers from all over the world. 

Fong Da Coffee roasts its own beans (mainly Arabica) on-site using the same traditional machine it has been using since the late ’50s. We recommend the Blue Mountain no. 1 (NT$200), as well as their FD Iced Coffee (NT$85). In fact, this cafe is the pioneer of iced coffee in Taipei! You can also enjoy their old-fashioned pastries, such as peanut crumble, mung bean cake, and Chinese favourite egg rolls.

Cafes in Taipei for mouth-watering brunch

7. Sugar Pea Cafe

Sugar Pea Cafe is that go-to place you’ll come back to every time your tummy rumbles for a hearty brunch in Taipei. It aims to serve wholesome meals that are not only healthy and fresh, but also quite delicious. And that’s exactly what you can expect from their wide selection of salad bowls. Plus, their white minimalist interior with cutely assembled decorations will surely make you want to stay here longer.  

Some of their must-try items include the Salmon Green Rice (NT$650) and the Shrimp & Avocado Salad (NT$450). If you’re up for a tasty dish with a hint of sweetness, go for their brunch set of bacon, cheese, and pancake tacos (NT$400). Another all-time favourite is the Chicken & Avocado Toast (NT$260) from the light-meal section on their menu.

TripZilla Tip: Since it’s a popular spot for brunch (especially on weekends), make sure you get a reservation, most preferably three weeks to a month in advance.

8. Tamed Fox

Looking for a place to give you much-needed food therapy in Taipei? Tamed Fox is the answer! Going with the motto “Eat well and heal thyself,” we assure you that every single bite of their meals is guilt-free. Yes, even their doughnuts and smoothies. Two of the main dishes in Tamed Fox are the Salmon Belly/Baked Chicken Bowl (NT$330) and the Greek Yoghurt (NT$150). 

As for the doughnuts, these cost around NT$180 each. Expect a carrot-like taste that’s slightly different from the ones you’d normally have back home. Don’t forget to wash your healthy doughnut down with their latte yoghurt smoothie called The Iced Latte (NT$150)! Definitely an interestingly healthy coffee shop in Taipei you have to check out. 

9. Woolloomooloo

Next, we have Woolloomooloo: a modern cafe and bistro in the Xinyi District that specialises in Australian coffee. So, if you’re craving some Aussie-powered caffeine during your holiday in Taipei, come by and treat yourself to their famous espressos.

They provide different seating arrangements with a dim ambience that gives you a laid-back atmosphere, just pleasant for people to hang out and chill. If you prefer a better-lit space, sit near the window and enjoy people-watching as you sip your coffee in peace.

Back to our brunch topic, their pesto pasta is easily the best one you could find in the area. If you’re not into pasta, try out their moussaka or perhaps the mouth-alluring charcuterie and cheese. As for the cherry on top, we recommend you get their tasty sourdough toast to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

Best Taipei milk tea shops you have to try

10. Chun Shui Tang

Chun Shui Tang is where the bubble tea hype supposedly originated. Founded by Liu Hanjie in 1983, their original store in Taichung was initially called Yangshien Tea Shop. In 1987, Lin Hsiuhwei, then-product development manager, had the brilliant idea to include fen yuan (Taiwanese tapioca pearls) into their milk tea. The rest is history — and currently,  Chun Shui Tang has over 10 stores throughout Taipei. 

Try out their Pearl Milk Tea (NT$65) and the crowd favourite Iced Mango Pearl Coconut Milk Tea (NT$125). Savour every drip of coolness down your throat as you immerse in the rich and original taste of premium tea leaves. Also, expect a pleasant aftertaste, thanks to the lingering fragrance of these leaves. That said, this Chinese teahouse-concept cafe is where you can try some of the best milk tea in Taipei. 

11. 50 Lan

Continue your journey of trying out the best Taipei milk tea at 50 Lan. What started as a humble fruit juice stall in 1994 is now a local tea brand with the biggest chain in Taiwan! Yes, there are over 50 branches in Taipei alone. Thanks to their vibrant yellow and blue logo, you can easily spot a 50 Lan store while touring the city.

You can choose either their original or milk tea signature drinks, or go with the more flavourful ones like latte and juice. The good news is that you’ll find several combinations of these types of drinks, as they are rather playful with their menu options.  

If you feel like having milk tea for breakfast, opt for any of their Ovaltine Milk Tea (NT$55 ). As for the signature beverages, we recommend their Light Oolong Tea with Bubble & Coconut Jelly (NT$30) and Matcha Latte with Big Bubble (NT$50). Not a fan of big pearls? Go for the mini ones that are much easier to chew! 

12. Ten Ren’s Tea

Continue your hunt for the Taipei milk tea of your liking at Ten Ren’s Tea. This shop appeals more to those who prefer simple and authentic milk tea. It is especially famous among locals and has since been the go-to for milk tea with a “healthier taste” that balances sweet and creamy flavours just nicely. 

So, sit down and enjoy their speciality drinks, which include the 913 King’s Oolong Milk Tea (NT$60) and Black/Green Milk Tea with Pearls (NT$50). Plus, there’s a variety of pearl milk tea for you to choose from, most of which are straightforward yet yummy in taste — definitely, a Taipei milk tea cafe you should try.

Must-try dessert cafes in Taipei

13. Flügel Studio

Bring joy to your taste buds as you indulge in the toothsome desserts from Flügel Studio. It specialises in German-inspired cakes and homemade pastries. This cafe in Da’an District features an aesthetically pleasing ambience with lots of natural light that will keep you busy finding the best spot for the right shot! 

Some of the tastiest desserts on their menu are the Fruit Fresh Crepe with Bananas & Strawberries and the Matcha Cheesecake. Note that their Insta-worthy cakes and drinks are seasonal, so you might not find the tasty cake you ate today the next time you visit. (This is most probably to add an element of suspense for customers.) 

TripZilla Tip: Look up their Facebook or Instagram page for the latest updates on their daily serving of homemade cakes. 

14. Mr. Brownie

Make your way to Mr. Brownie, a cafe in Wanhua District that serves a wide selection of fudgy brownies with various toppings. We assure you the aesthetically soft-lit ambience of this cafe will give you that soothing vibe as you munch down their amazing desserts. You’ll be spoiled for the best choices of the sweeter things in life when you come to this brownie haven. Plus, the cafe is right beside The Red House in Ximending, so do come by for a break!

Some of the more popular brownie toppings include chocolate, matcha, strawberry, mango waltz, hazelnut, and M&M’s. The all-time crowd favourite is the Honey Rose Brownie, which features a layer of creamy strawberry and a sprinkle of edible rose petals on top. 

15. Cookie DPT

Cookie DPT in Taipei is the go-to place if you’re craving some house-baked American-style cookies. Wil Fang, the founder, was adamant about bringing these big decadent treats to his first cookie shop in Da’an District. Besides this single store in Taipei, they have three other branches in Hong Kong.   

They use premium quality ingredients ranging from Hershey’s chocolate chips to Valrhona cocoa powder and imported butter. If you have the chance, pair the Double Chocolate Choc or the White Chocolate Macadamia Nut with their cold-pressed coffee. You can thank us later!

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And there you have it: the 15 best cafes in Taipei that you should add to your itinerary. Have better suggestions? We’d love to hear from you on our Facebook page

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