15 Awesome Vegetarian-Friendly Countries to Visit Soon

15 Awesome Vegetarian-Friendly Countries to Visit Soon

The recently-published Global Vegetarian Index reveals the most vegetarian-friendly countries in the world.

Did you know that October is the Vegetarian Awareness Month?

In line with this, the Global Vegetarian Index was published by Oliver’s Travels to help vegetarian travellers pick their next diet-friendly travel destination.

To come up with this index, 183 countries were studied. Factors analysed include the number of vegetarian restaurants in the country in relation to the population size, as well as the annual meal consumption per capita. Scores were computed and the countries were ranked.

The results?

The world’s most vegetarian-friendly country is none other than Seychelles, an island destination in the Indian Ocean. This country, with a Global Vegetarian Index score of 328, has a low meat consumption and the most vegetarian restaurants per person. In Seychelles, you’ll find a myriad of vegetarian dishes from breadfruit salad to seasonal veggies.

Coming up next on the list are two countries in Asia: Thailand and Malaysia.

Here are the top 15:

  1. Seychelles
  2. Thailand
  3. Malaysia
  4. Sao Tome & Principe
  5. Peru
  6. Singapore
  7. Cambodia
  8. Solomon Islands
  9. United Kingdom
  10. Botswana
  11. India
  12. Liberia
  13. Belize
  14. Sri Lanka
  15. Japan

For a broader overview of the best vegetarian-friendly countries in each continent, here’s what you get:

  • Europe: United Kingdom
  • Africa: Seychelles
  • Asia: Thailand
  • North America: Belize
  • South America: Peru
  • Oceania: Solomon Islands

Vegetarians, now you know where to go!

If you’d like to browse the full list of vegetarian-friendly countries, check out the index here.

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