Travel Tips: Booking Affordable Flights Every Single Time with Traveloka

Travel Tips – Booking Affordable Flights Every Single Time with Traveloka

Searching and booking flights are made easy – thanks to Traveloka!

Everybody loves a good bargain, perhaps none more so than Filipinos. Whether it’s a two-for-one offer in the supermarket or a 20% discount for gadgets, Pinoys are always on the hunt for deals that give them the best bang for their buck. This is especially true when it comes to travelling. The cost of airline tickets and hotels combined can get pretty expensive, which is why there are many who wait for airline seat sales and other travel promos to get the best value for their trips.

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To help address these travel concerns, Traveloka, an online booking platform for both domestic and international hotels and flights, has developed several features to make your online booking experience easier, faster, and more pocket-friendly. Using these features will help you find great deals for flights that match both your budget and your schedule.

One of these features is called Price Alerts. This is the perfect companion for those who already have a specific travel date or a preferred destination. Price Alerts allows you to specify a budget and then set-up notifications to be sent when your desired flight falls within that specified budget. It can also inform you if there are affordable flights on your preferred travel dates. With Price Alerts, you no longer have to settle for higher ticket prices or adjust your schedule just to get a great deal.

On the other hand, Cheap Price Finder shows a monthly view of flight prices from all of their partner airlines using Traveloka’s in-app booking calendar. The lowest prices are highlighted in green, so it’s easier for you to spot the most affordable rate available on a certain day. And because Traveloka has partnerships with over 20 airline companies, you only have to visit the Traveloka website or use the app to compare prices — no need to open multiple websites.

Are you ready for a #CrazyEasyTravels experience? Visit Traveloka and book your dream travel adventures today.

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