Top 10 Travel Reads of 2014 - TripZilla Magazine

Top 10 Travel Reads of 2014 – TripZilla Magazine

This list of most-read travel articles on TripZilla tells us the hottest topics and destinations of the year. Everyone has read them, and you should too.

What has everyone been reading and sharing this year?
We present to you the top 10 articles of TripZilla Magazine for 2014.

10. Cult beauty brands in Asia

Image credits: Misobeauty

All hail the vain pots! What is travel if you don’t slot in some shopping for beauty buys? Every traveller who is also an opportunistic beauty-addict needs to know the cult beauty brands to buy while travelling in Asia. From Oriental Princess in Thailand to Mamonde in Korea, there’s just so many new products that are waiting for you to fall in love with!

9. Must-try food places in Bangkok

There are those who has never been to Bangkok, and there are those who travel there twenty times a year. What is it about Bangkok that is so appealing? We believe it is the shopping and the food. Figures – everybody wants know the 5 must-try food places in Bangkok which are worth hunting down.

8. 8 real haunted places around the world

Goodness, number 8 has “8” in the title. To some, that number also signifies resurrection of the dead. A coincidence? We think not. We also think you should know about these 8 real haunted places around the world you may not want to visit. Some of them may be closer to home than you think…

7. Why travellers keep going back to Krabi

The only travel story in this list is one about Krabi, an idyllic beach destination in Thailand. If so many people can relate to the 11 reasons why travellers keep going back to Krabi, we say put Krabi in your travel plans immediately!

6. Disgusting creatures travellers bring home

Image Credits: Geoff Gallice

This disturbing and informative read is guaranteed not to suit everyone’s palate, but if you’re one of those who love to gross themselves out – go ahead. Watch all the hair-raising videos too, why don’t you?

5. Unspoilt islands in Indonesia

Image credits: Jenny Huang

Beach holidays are in, and better closer to home than across the globe. We’re a little hesitant to share this piece again, because we want to keep these islands a secret and free from tourist-infestation. However, we don’t mind if we bump into TripZilla readers the next time we’re on a vacation, so here you go: 10 unspoilt islands in Indonesia for your next beach holiday

4. Best outlet malls for designer bags

Image credits: paris_4you

A celebrated piece for those who want to carry branded bags but only want to buy them at discounted prices; This list of best outlet malls to shop for designer bags is for all the material girls and boys.

3. Must-buys from Bangkok’s Big C Supercenter

Another article on the topic of shopping? Bangkok again? We’re starting to see some recurring themes here. When in Bangkok, the Big C Supercenter is one of the places you absolutely must visit, and these are the 8 treats everyone agree that you absolutely must buy.

2. Malaysia’s top exotic beach destinations

Image credits: Elmar Bajora

As it turns out, even more popular than the article on unspoilt islands in Indonesia is one on Malaysia. These 8 obscure islands in Malaysia are perfect for an exotic beach vacation. You really don’t have to travel far in search of beautiful beaches because there are plenty of incredible coastlines in Southeast Asia.

1. Public holidays and guide to long weekends

Topping the charts are three articles all grouped under the same topic: The 2015 long weekends! It seems like there is one goal that unites our readers from Asia: making 2015 a year filled with vacations.

2015 is a year to celebrate because it is possible to have 10 long weekends in Singapore, 11 long weekends in Malaysia, and a whopping 13 long weekends in the Philippines!

With that, we end off this list on a great note. May 2015 be a year filled with plenty of travel adventures and a healthy dose of fun!


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