Top 10 things to Do in Goa That's Not About Partying

Top 10 things to Do in Goa That’s Not About Partying

Welcome to the smallest state in India!

Popularly known as the ultimate party place of India, there’s more to this kaleidoscope of a city and its elegant blend of Portuguese and Indian culture than clubbing. Located in the western coast of India, Goa is well known for its long stretches of beaches such as Anjuna and Vagator.

With so many things to see and do, don’t spend too much time getting inebriated in Goa, or you’ll be missing out on the following 10 sights!

1. Sail alongside dolphins

Image credit: Aqua Sports Goa

Whip out your cameras for this as you witness these gorgeous yet gentle creatures perform somersaults in front of you. Dolphin watching is a popular tourist activity; if you really want to get the best out of this experience, you need to set your trip early in the morning to enjoy the sight of these playful beings as they are the most energetic then.

2. Snorkel amongst the gorgeous fishes

Image credit: Sunita Katoch

Swim through Goa’s crystal clear waters and be surrounded by its fascinating and colourful aquatic life. You can choose to DIY and rent a snorkel, or you can also participate in island hopping tours.

Pro tip: Be sure to bring some bread along to experience fishes eating out of your hands!

3. Hot air balloon flight

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There are hot air balloon rides available in Goa, where you can view the city’s magnificent beaches and hills from above. Your flight will be chartered by a professional who will take you as high as 1000 feet.

4. Parasail over the seas

things to do in goa

Image credit: Chris Goldberg

Enjoy one of the most exhilarating activities in Goa while satisfying the adventure junkie in you! Almost every beach in the city offers parasailing activities and it’s best to book your tickets on the spot as you can try to bargain the price down. If you’re too afraid to ride alone, an experienced parasailer can hitch with you to keep you safe, leaving you free to spread your hands out. Freedom!

5. Be awed by Dudhsagar Falls

things to do in goa

Image credit: Kumaresh Rajarajan

Image credit: Ruben Swieringa

Prepare to get blown away by this spectacular waterfall that rises 1000ft. The term ‘Dudhsagar’, which translates to sea of milk, refers to the white spray of foam that avalanches into this lake. The falls are at their absolute finest during the monsoon season as it naturally swells up in size, although they are majestic all year round. This would be a great treat for nature lovers who would appreciate a good swim.

Getting there: This waterfall is located in the Sanguem Taluka of Goa. You can go by rail to Kulem railway station and then trek to the waterfall or hire a driver to get there. Keep your belongings safe because our little monkey friends can get a little greedy.

6. Houseboat tours

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Image credit: johnboattours

Sit back and relax as you laze around this houseboat tour while binging on Goa’s best foods. Sail through the centuries-old temples and churches in the day, and in the evenings, be inspired by the sun setting into the Arabian sea. There are plenty of houseboat tours in Goa such that offer different kinds of packages; we would highly recommend you get the overnight stay package as you get the full experience that way.

7. Amuse yourself at the Goa Carnival

Image credit: Kirill Zarubin

Image credit: Kirill Zarubin

Mardi Gras usually brings to mind large scale parties and colourful parades, but did you know that the festival has Christian roots? The Goa Carnival, brought to India by the Portuguese who ruled over the city close to 500 years ago, is the city’s answer to it. Teeming with attendees decked out in full costumes and mega-sized float structures, this is the closest thing to a Goan comic-con. Dress-up in your favourite pop culture character as you mingle around in this colourful and joyous event that is filled with electrifying music and great food.

The next Goa carnival is set to take place on 2 March 2019 and end on 5 March 2019 in Panjim, Goa.

8. Try your luck at the casinos

things to do in goa

Image credit: Casino Pride Goa

Goa is one of the few places in India that legalises gambling. Mostly flocked to by tourists, the casino culture has been growing due to the increasing foreign visitors in Goa. Make your move and roll that die like James Bond in some of the leading gambling palaces such as Casino Royale, best known for their sparkling lights and world-class service.

9. Flea market

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Besides nightlife cliches commonly associated with Goa such as booze and parties, Goa is also famous for its night flea markets selling all sorts of things, from clothes to souvenirs and even ayurvedic treatments. With their vivid colours and spicy aromas, these flea markets are something that you must check out even if you’re not a fan of shopping.

10. Party in peace at the silent disco

Image credit: treebo

Speaking of nightlife cliches, the silent disco has to be one of the most unique and distinct nightlife activities in Goa. You know that part of the night where you scream your lungs out to your buddy that you need a toilet break? Here, you simply remove your headphones and convey your message calmly. At Silent Noise, the experience entails wearing headphones playing music from a DJ. They also incorporate a lot of visual entertainment such as aerial performers, circus acts, LED and even fire shows, making silent disco an interactive audio-visual experience.

There you have it – 10 great things to do in Goa! We highly recommend you stay close to the beach areas as you get the best transport services such as buses, taxis and bikes easily. Most hotels and Airbnbs are also found in these areas. Have fun, but don’t drink and drive.

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