Top 5 Most Beautiful Lake Cities in India

Top 5 Most Beautiful Lake Cities in India

Lake cities are in almost every sphere of India and they should definitely be explored by travellers.

With all the mesmerising landscapes of India, it would be unfair to not talk about the cities that sit beside beautiful lakes which make them all the more charming. Lake cities are in almost every sphere of India, and one would find that each one is more wondrous than the other. Being one of the truly loved parts of India by photographers and travellers, lake cities can make a location look absolutely delightful. So, as a tribute to the best naturally beautiful places of India, here are a few most stunning lake cities of the country that will leave you entranced.

1. Srinagar—Jammu and Kashmir

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Loved by one and all, Srinagar is a city that takes the initial spot of being a part of one of the most beautiful and striking cities of India. Jammu and Kashmir’s status of heaven is fuelled mostly by how utterly gorgeous Srinagar is. If that wasn’t enough, it hosts famous lakes like the Dal Lake, the Nagin and Wular Lakes, boasting of how attractive the city is. Srinagar has been, for years, a source of visual beauty captured in numerous films and songs. Once you witness the fascinating sunrise at the lake, you’ll never want to leave Srinagar. The best time to visit would be during April to October when the lakes aren’t frozen and the winter isn’t particularly harsh.

2. Bhopal—Madhya Pradesh

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It isn’t known as the city of lakes for no reason. Bhopal not only has natural but man-made lakes as well, adding to the already charming vibes of the city. The Upper Lake and the Lower Lake, which are two of the major lakes of Bhopal, came into existence in the 11th century, and the city has been beautifully built around them. On the banks, you will find the pleasant ancient buildings and bustling markets along with sprawling palaces that won’t fail to astound your eyes. Visit this breathtaking city during November and February when the weather is near perfect and sightseeing is all the more delightful.

3. Mysore—Karnataka

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Winding roadways, vast palaces, and a city that has been so well-built that it won’t be a cause of any sort of disappointment, Mysore takes the crown of being one of the most architecturally stunning cities. Accentuating its ever-growing magic are the lakes. Mysore consists of five main lakes that are the most popular ones namely Kukkarahalli, Lingambudhi, Karanji, Devanoor, and Dalavai lakes. Wherever you go in the city, the lakes are sure to follow you, and the banks are cleanest and most attractive ones, where you can spend hours with your loved ones. October to March is the best time to visit Mysore as the weather is most pleasant.

4. Udaipur—Rajasthan

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When talking about beautiful cities of India, Udaipur can never be left behind. The sparkling waters of Udaipur make it one of the most enchanting locations of Rajasthan. The lake palace of this city is famous for how marvellously it has been constructed, and during the evening when the lake lights up with shimmering lights, the sight is one that can’t be forgotten. The Pichola Lake is like a cherry atop the cake of Jaisamandh, Fateh Sagar, Udai Sagar and Dudh Talai lakes. The banks of the lakes in Udaipur are nothing short of captivating.

5. Nainital—Uttarakhand

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Think tourist attractions of India, think Nainital. The serene beauty of this town is unmatched, and you’ll find that the brilliant lakes are everything you’d ever want. Not only is there a major lake flowing through the city, but other lakes like Sat Tal, Khurpa Tal, Bhim Tal and Nakuchia Tal border the cool town of Nainital. The history and mythology behind every lake is also an appealing factor of this city. It is the best retreat for a calming vacation at the lakeside, and if you visit during March to June and September and October, you’ll have the experience of a lifetime.

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Once you’ve got a glimpse of even one of these cities, surely you’ll be exploring all of the other such lake cities, for they are sure to keep your attention completely occupied.

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