Top 6 Things to Do in Prague, Czech Republic

Top 6 Things to Do in Prague, Czech Republic

From cathedrals and castles to old landmarks and town squares, here are top 6 attractions and things to do in Prague, the capital city of Czech Republic.

There are so many things to do and attractions in Prague! Here we will take you through the top six attractions and things to do in Prague which we think all visitors to Prague should not miss!

1. Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral

At the top of our list is Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral!

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This iconic castle can be seen from many parts of Prague as it sits atop overlooking the entire city! Standing at a height of 600m, it is the biggest ancient castle in the world! Do take time to check out Golden Lane as well as other intricate architectures within its compound.

Tip: Don’t miss the change of guard on the hour!

2. Old Town Square and Astronomical Clock

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To take a step back in time, a visit to Old Town Square would definitely do the trick. The square is laden with historical architectures and structures, each telling a history of their own. The highlight of the square is the Astronomical Clock, with a little “performance” on the hour!

Tip: Observe the intricacies of the Astronomical Clock – it tells three different times and the calendar date as well!

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3. Charles Bridge

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Many would say “what is a visit to Prague without a visit to the scenic Charles Bridge?” Indeed, you can take in the sights and have a leisurely stroll down this ancient bridge. The Prague Castle, Hunger Wall and Petrin Hill can be easily observed from here.

Tip: Be on the lookout for pick-pockets and try not to buy souvenirs from here as they are usually pricier as compared to other souvenir shops.

4. Petrin Hill

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Petrin Hill not only offers magnificent views of the entire city of Prague. There are other smaller attractions such as the Petrin Tower, Hunger Wall, Funicular as well as the Hall of Mirrors. Of course, the best view of Prague can be seen from here.

Tip: Take a stroll from here to the monastery and have a freshly brewed beer!

5. Wenceslas Square

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For night life and shopping, look no further than Wenceslas Square! Here you will find pubs, restaurants, entertainment venues and lots of shopping opportunities. A statue of St. Wenceslas on his horse (in front of the National Museum) lies at the northern end of the square.

Tip: Check out the Koruna Palace and its glass dome!

6. Municipal House

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Used to be the seat of Bohemian Kings, the Municipal House today houses exhibitions and is also a venue for performances of the arts. For visitors, do take time to enjoy the intricacies of the building, on the inside and outside.

Tip: While you’re here, why not enjoy a leisurely afternoon tea at the Kavárna obecní Dům / Municipal House Cafe?

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