A Solo Female Traveller’s Guide: Top Things to Do in Prague

A Solo Female Traveller’s Guide to Prague

Ever wondered how you could best enjoy Prague? As part of our #WanderWoman series, here is a simple day to night guide from a solo female traveller on how to fully experience the magical city!

Prague has always been magical to me.

During my first visit to the city, I was 18 and traveling solo for the first time, completely in awe of the regality preserved within the cobblestone streets and old buildings still majestically stand tall. 5 years later, I had the opportunity to come around again to one of the most breathtaking places in the world!

If you’re a solo female traveller and want the scoop on the best tips and things to do in Prague, how easy is it to navigate and communicate as a foreigner, read on!

Being a Solo Female Traveller in Prague: Language Barriers, Safety Concerns?

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For a solo female traveller like me, this city was breathtaking and it checked off all the boxes – fairytale-like, safe, cheap and fun! From Budapest, I took a train with Eurolines which cost €13.50 (S$20.75). The ride took about four and a half hours, where I was able to take a quick nap and enjoy the greenery outside the window.

Walking around the Old Town even at night alone was not an issue, as I found that the locals and other travellers alike were welcoming and kind. Still, it does not hurt being too safe – take the brightly lit main streets instead of the narrow maze within the Old Town. 

Navigating around was not too difficult either, the transport system is easy to manoeuvre and all the Uber drivers I met could speak English. Locals who could not communicate in English are always so accommodating with their gestures too! There is little to worry about when the locals are as easy-going as the Czechs.

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Where To Stay

Soon enough, I was on Czech soil and headed to check into my hostel, A&O Prague. Throughout my 4-day stay, my bed in the hostel cost me a total of S$64.30. For the price that I paid, the hostel was sufficient and comfortable, with amenities galore. There was a kitchen for the guests to use, and laundry services at a very low price. Just a minute walk away was an abundance of restaurants, bars, and grocery stores. It was also very centrally located, a 3-minutes walk to the bus station that had a direct bus to the Old Town.

Image credit: A&O Prague

 Getting Around Prague

Public transport was also very affordable – a 24-hour Pass costs S$6.55 and a 72-hour Pass costs S$18.50. However, if you are traveling in a group, taking an Uber might be a cheaper option. A ride from the hostel to the Old Town ranges from S$7-9. Thankfully, Prague is one of the cheapest cities to travel in Europe and despite me being on a budget, the 4D3N in Prague was one of my favorite stops in my 2 months long trip to Europe!

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Prague in the Day: Things to Do 

Prague’s Old Town 

No trip to Prague would be complete without visiting the Old Town, getting lost exploring the narrow streets and crossing the Charles’ Bridge. When I first arrived, it truly felt like I stepped into a place stuck in time. With the narrow, cobbled paths and the old kingly architecture, Prague took my breath away.

Walking along the many forked paths, there are a plethora of cafes and restaurants offering delicious local delicacies. The Old Town Square is also where most of the famous sights in Prague are located like the Astronomical Clock and the Old Town Hall. Often, it is crowded with tourists but seeing all the sights is a must! While the prices of the places near the Old Town Square might be a little above average, as you go deeper into the enchanting maze of Old Town, you will find many affordable restaurants and cafes.

Crossing the bridge from the Old Town, the first tower you’ll encounter is the Powder Tower. In the foreground of Prague blue skies, the tower looks ethereal. It made me think that if I were to walk under it, I would be transported to another time! Walking across the Charles Bridge is also one of the must-do when you are in the city. It is impossible not to fall in love with such a wondrous sight!

The walk down the bridge is no less exciting, street musicians and artists are plentiful offering their services to the many people crossing the river. There is always too much to see and to love – time passes differently in a place like Prague’s Old Town.

Malá Strana, Lesser Town

Charles Bridge crosses the Vlatva River, linking the Old Town and Lesser Town, where the sights are just as breathtaking. Unlike Old Town which feels more luxurious in a way, the Lesser Town felt cozier and intimate. The cafes and galleries here felt more humble and otherworldly, somehow. As night falls, the streets are illuminated by lanterns and little street lights that cast looming shadows over the old buildings. Times like this, I think to myself, there really are no words to describe how beautiful Prague can be.

On this side of the river, lies the Castle Quarter. It is a walk up a small hill to the Castle Quarter but the view surrounding the area would definitely make the trip worthwhile. As you make your way up the quarter, you will notice that buildings here are often bright and pastel in colour, exuding a more vibrant atmosphere. There are also many lookouts on the way up boasting some of the most brilliant views of Prague from above. The first place you will get to is the Castle Square and while the many monuments and palaces will entice you, for me, it was the insane view from the top of the hill that really made my jaw drop.

Prague at Night: Things to See 

Prague at night is significantly different than you would ever imagine. If you think the fairytale-like Old Town had done it for you in the day, wait until you see it come to life as night falls!

Explore Prague’s pubs (and chug a pint while you’re at it)

Pubs and bars spill over from the old town buildings and it feels surreal. The streets were lit with lanterns and in almost every narrow corner are groups of people enjoying their night. Prague is also known for their boat parties and nightlife so don’t let the pretty sights fool you into thinking that this Old Town is merely a historical sightseeing area! With so much to do even on a Monday night, there is never nothing to do.

Catch the sunrise from Charles Bridge

While I do enjoy the nightlife in every city I go to, the best night for me in Prague was staying out all night on the Charles Bridge and catching the sunrise. 

Unlike what I thought, many of the locals do the same. Small groups of youths sit by the many sculptures on the bridge and enjoy their night chatting away with their loved ones with drinks in hand. If anything, this would be one of my most recommended activities in Prague that are truly magical! In the daytime, Charles Bridge is often crowded with tourists so catching the sunrise in the wee hours of the morning with very little people around is really something to remember.

See You in Prague!

Prague is a city where the charming old regality continues to astound, regardless of how many times you come around. There is always something to do and see – in the day and night. The same spot can feel completely different without light and the enchanting allure of Prague will sweep you off your feet!

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