England Shortens Quarantine Period for Travellers to Five Days

England Shortens Quarantine Period for Travellers to Just Five Days

Foreign tourists will no longer have to self-isolate for two weeks.

If a compulsory two-week quarantine was the only thing standing in the way of your travel plans to England, that might no longer be an obstacle soon. Just in time for the holidays, the British government has announced a plan to shorten the mandatory two-week quarantine period for all international arrivals. 

According to the British transport chief, this new quarantine policy will allow tourists to undergo a shorter quarantine period of only five days, provided that their COVID-19 test results come back negative. 

Starting 15 Dec 2020, this “test and release” scheme will apply to all international travellers, including those from countries that are not on England’s quarantine-free travel corridor list. 

England reduces mandatory quarantine period for all travellers

All international visitors will be able to take a COVID-19 test after only five days of self-isolating. As soon as they receive a negative test result, which may take up to 48 hours, they can end their quarantine period while continuing to observe safety and health protocols within the country. 

However, this shorter quarantine policy in England comes with a slight caveat for tourists. All visitors in England will be required to cover their own COVID-19 test, which can cost anywhere between £65 (S$117) and £120 (S$215). If they refuse to get tested, they must follow the 14-day quarantine period implemented by the U.K. government. 

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Although the shorter quarantine policy could potentially kickstart foreign tourism in England, it has yet to be announced whether this new ruling will eventually apply to the rest of the United Kingdom. Here’s to hoping that Scotland, Ireland, and Wales follow suit soon. 

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Now that the mandatory two-week quarantine will be reduced by more than half, will you be considering England as your next post-pandemic destination? Let us know in the comments section of TripZilla’s official Facebook page. 

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