So You Think You Can Speak Vietnamese?

So You Think You Can Speak Vietnamese?

Learning a new language is tough, but learning Vietnamese may be a little more than an uphill challenge than learning a new language itself! Don’t believe us? Try it.


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A while back, the folks at TripZilla were trying their best to speak Vietnamese. They have since given up as the task proved to be a little too tough and the Vietnamese friend at the table looked nothing but exasperated.

Ask anyone who speaks Vietnamese and he or she would tell you that the hardest part of the language is the pronunciation. Unlike other languages, this language is pronounced differently from the way they are written. Unless you speak exactly the same tone as the locals, our Vietnamese friend advised to stick to body language, gestures, symbols, drawings and English to ask for directions and anything else you may need when in Vietnam.

Are you up for the challenge of speaking Vietnamese?

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