Top 8 Things to Do on Tioman Island

Top 8 Things to Do on Tioman Island

A lush tropical island in Malaysia, Tioman is a favourite vacation spot for many reasons. These top activities are some of them.

Do you find your thoughts drifting towards some fun in the sun? The soft caress of ocean waves against your feet and a light, cooling breeze on your face can be found right here at Tioman Island, a popular tourist hotspot that is just as loved by locals.

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Located off the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia, Tioman has a reputation for being one of the loveliest islands in the country with thriving marine life as well as coral reefs, natural formations and a diverse range of wildlife.

In addition, visitors from various walks of life can be found here in search of a special place to unwind and bask in natural splendour. So what’s so great about Tioman? Here are just a few of the things you can experience on this charming little island.

1. Go snorkelling

One of the very first things that people will suggest you do here is exploring the many wonders that await you down below the surface. Snorkelling is just about the most popular activity on the island. You could snorkel off Salang Beach or the islands surrounding Tioman such as Renggis Island and Coral Island. 

What’s unique about snorkelling here is the wildlife – like the black tip reef sharks that are most commonly spotted off the shores of the island. This particular species of shark can be quite difficult to find in many other parts of the sea. If you’re lucky enough, you may even be able to see entire groups of sharks lurking at the bottom, on the ocean floors. They are pretty harmless, so there isn’t too much reason to be afraid. Beautiful coral formations can also be seen throughout the area as well as a series of intriguing formations and colourful fishes that you may not have seen anywhere else.

2. Go scuba diving

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Deep sea diving takes snorkelling one step further, letting you witness even more of the amazing marine life and various corals up close. A number of visitors who began their diving journey in Tioman have become obsessed with this activity simply because of the sheer beauty that the island has to offer. Avid scuba divers, professionals and beginner diving enthusiasts can all be found around some of the best dives sites of Tioman such as Tiger Reef, Chebeh Island and Labas Island. There are even diving lessons available on the island, where you’ll be able to secure your very own scuba diving license. If you’re keen on exploring the deep blue in all its glory, you may find no better place to start than right here in Tioman.

3. Ride the banana boat

If it’s some good, clean family fun you’re looking for, why not try your hand at the banana boat? This vessel could have you grabbing on to a handle while donning a life jacket as waves twist and turn around you like a bull at the rodeo. Try and hold on for as long as you can!

4. Kayak above serene waters

A slightly less wacky way to explore the deep blue sea is just to hop on a kayak. Tioman Island is host to a multitude of types of fish and crustaceans and by kayaking your way around the clear parts of the water, you may be able to see marine life swimming right beneath your boat! Some areas are shallow and clear enough that you can see right down to the bottom of the ocean floor. Berjaya Tioman Resort has a fleet of kayaks available for rent. Take up a challenge and paddle all the way to Monkey Bay or Turtle Beach! 

5. Trek into the wilderness

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The water isn’t all there is to see while you’re staying at Tioman. Home to a massive array of thick jungle, this island is more than capable of handling outdoor enthusiasts and avid trekkers. Many resorts throughout the island offer adventurous trekking activities that will lead you to various parts of the wilderness. Head on over to the giant waterfall or learn more about the many plant species that make up Tioman’s unique foliage, including poison ivy, medicinal plants, and curry leaves. Examples of routes include from Salang Bay to Monkey Bay or Turtle Bay, or from Tekek to Juara. 

6. Explore the island on a bicycle

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Looking for a more laid-back way to take in the sights and sounds of the island? Opt for cycling across the many sections of Tioman’s many landmarks on surprisingly smooth pavements. Bicycles can be found for rent in resorts and other facilities, with tandem bikes available for those who aren’t super skilled at cycling (read: lazy).

7. Fill your tummy with delicious local food

What’s the point of travelling to a famous island if you aren’t going to feast on some scrumptious island fare? If you love spicy delights, you’re in luck! Tioman has long rows of tiny eateries where you can find meals that are as affordable as they are satisfying. Thai and Indian restaurants can also be found with some resorts even offering buffet meals. Don’t forget to have your fill of fresh coconut water as well as fruits like bananas, papayas and pineapples. 

8. Play a round of beach volleyball or frisbee

So you’ve spent a decent amount of time lying in the sun on your back and you’re feeling a little restless. Looks like it’s time for a little beach game! Head on over to the many beachfront locations and rent a volleyball or frisbee and break a sweat! Some of the best beaches to check out would be Juara Beach, Salang Beach, Monkey Beach, Genting Beach and Berjaya Beach.  

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