This McDonald’s Drive-Thru in Malaysia Was Visited by Horseback Riders

This McDonald’s Drive-Thru in Malaysia Was Visited by Horseback Riders

They’re gonna take their horse to the old town… drive-thru?

Odd stunts at McDonald’s drive-thrus around the world aren’t anything new. At some point, you’ve probably heard news of those attempting to pass by while riding a cardboard car, or some other odd “vehicle” choices. But have you ever heard of a group of equestrians (in full gear, no less) bringing their horses to a drive-thru?

Because that’s exactly what happened at a McDonald’s drive-thru in Malaysia. To be specific, this happened in the city of Cyberjaya, otherwise referred to as the country’s version of Silicon Valley. And naturally, it caught a lot of attention both from bystanders IRL and the Internet, when photos surfaced online. 

What went down at this McDonald’s drive-thru in Malaysia?

Some of you might be thinking: Is this another marketing stunt? Or perhaps, a concept for a weird reality show? Well, we hate to disappoint you, but the answer is no for both.

This group of riders were all from 3S Equestrian Center, a local horseback riding center. 

In an interview with VICE, equestrian Alison B. Lim shared that they would take outside night rides to explore nearby places — as a welcome change from their usual setting. So, one night, they decided to stop by the newly opened McDonald’s Cyberjaya. (I mean, hey, why not?) 

mcdonald's drive thru malaysia

As a safety precaution for the group and their horses, they wore headlamps and rode at a moderate pace on the way to this McDonald’s store. Lim also made it clear that they asked permission from the store to do that drive-thru, prior to their evening excursion. 

Oh, and it turned out that this was part of a surprise the group had planned for Lim! What she thought was just going to be a good ol’ nighttime horseback ride was actually going to end with a birthday surprise. Yes, complete with a cake and a lot of singing. How cute is that? 

mcdonald's drive thru malaysia

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So, what do you think of the photos from this interesting stunt at a McDonald’s drive-thru in Malaysia? Or have you ever seen odder stuff happen at a McDonald’s store in your country? 

All images credited to: 3S Equestrian Center | Official Facebook Page

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