10 Things To Do In Kaohsiung, Taiwan for A Memorable Experience!

10 Things to Do in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

The second-largest city in Taiwan, this port city is a happening industrial hub thanks to its ideal location.

Taipei, Taichung, and Tainan — if you’re planning a trip to Taiwan, these three cities have probably already garnered a spot on your itinerary. But hold on, make sure you don’t miss out on Kaohsiung! The second largest city in Taiwan, this port city is a happening industrial hub thanks to its ideal location.

In the past decade, huge initiatives from the local government have transformed this industrialised city into one of the greenest cities on the island, making it perfect for tourists looking for more than just a city escape. Not to mention, all the delicious food that extends above and beyond the usual street bites and night markets!

Here are 10 things to do in Kaohsiung to ensure you make the most of out of your trip to Taiwan!

1. Stroll down Love Pier

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Sure, it may be overhyped, but as cheesy as it may seem, strolling hand-in-hand with a loved one down Kaohsiung’s most famous attraction is every bit as romantic and dreamy as it sounds. Picture yourself in a Taiwanese drama, smiling ear-to-ear as the light breeze from the river flows through your hair. After all, there’s been more than a handful of Taiwanese television series filmed here such as “Black and White” and “Hi, My Sweetheart”.

Not a fan of walking? Rent a bicycle and enjoy a carefree sunset ride before stopping by any one of the countless restaurants and cafes nearby for a sip of coffee. After that, continue your ride, this time with a glimmering view of Kaohsiung’s skyline against the night sky.

2. Feast on desserts galore

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If you didn’t already know, Taiwan is a true foodie’s paradise, especially for those with a sweet tooth! Night markets aside, one can find unique desserts ranging from classic aiyu jelly (oh so zesty and refreshing!) and fruity shaved ice to silky-smooth bean curd topped with a variety of toppings — red beans, tapioca balls, mashed yam or grass jelly.

Fans of Taiwanese bubble tea will also enjoy the dessert renditions of the drink here, from toast to souffle pancakes to lava cakes. Locals have somehow managed to turn the fragrant, milky drink into any dessert your heart desires!

3. Banish bad luck at the dragon and tiger pagodas

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Experience oriental charm in all its colourful glory in the Zuoying district of Kaohsiung, where these two pagodas are located. Situated in the centre of Lotus Pond, one entrance is shaped like an ethereal dragon whereas the other is a fearsome tiger. Walk through the spiral staircases of the dragon and exit from the mouth of the tiger to welcome good luck into your life and banish the bad!

Lotus pond is also home to plenty other pavilions and pagodas that are all equally beautiful. The Pei Chi Pavilion, Confucius Temple, and Spring and Autumn Pavilions also line the shore of the pond and ensure you can spend an entire afternoon here!

4. Gorge on everything in sight at night markets

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This list simply cannot be completed without mentioning Rui Feng and Liu He night market. Try everything you can set your eyes on, whether it be grilled beef cubes, Taiwanese sausages (which is on an entirely different level to your usual frankfurter or bratwurst) or stinky tofu. For drinks, don’t miss out on papaya milk and milk tea. And if you happen to see any stalls selling nougats, be sure to pick some up as they make great souvenirs!

Despite unknowingly spending a penny more than you had originally planned and breaking a sweat from squeezing shoulder-to-shoulder with other market goers, trust us when we say a trip to Kaohsiung’s infamous night markets is an experience you wouldn’t want to miss out on!

5. Give in to your heart’s desires at Xin Jue Jiang Shopping District

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Indulge in some retail therapy and get in a little exercise after a huge meal by shopping at Xin Jue Jiang Shopping District, a popular shopping destination for the young and hip. Plus, it’s located right next to the Central Park MRT (R9) station entrance so tourists can rest at ease knowing that transportation isn’t a problem.

Shops, restaurants, cafes , and street stalls line the alleyways, mostly open-air, providing shoppers with a lovely experience of being able to blissfully browse while munching on a local snack or sipping on a refreshing drink.

6. Explore what Cijin Island has to offer

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Most who come to Kaohsiung will set aside a full day to explore Cijin Island, a small but happening island 10 minutes away from Kaohsiung by ferry. This charming little island is the perfect place for a family outing or a heartwarming date. Rent a bicycle and explore every nook and cranny the island has to offer including the historical lighthouse and Cihou fort. Don’t forget to patter through the gorgeous black sand beach!

End the evening with a full-on seafood feast! It goes without saying that seafood in Cijin Island is the number one thing to eat. Here is where you’ll find some of the cheapest and freshest seafood around so eat your fill of squid, fish, and clams before heading back to Kaohsiung!

7. Snap away at the Rainbow Church

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Also situated in Cijin Island is this highly Instagrammable structure you may or may not have seen all over blogs and social media. It is not actually a church, but simply a contemporary art installation. This colorful structure overlooks the sea, and coupled with Cijin’s sunny blue skies, this makes for a scene which looks like it belongs on the cover of a magazine.

Photographers will love this area because other than the colorful Rainbow Church, there are a ton of other structures like the giant seashell! With its shiny gold surface, this is another place you want to visit when the sun sets as you don’t want to miss the golden rays reflecting against the seashell.

8. Experience something otherwordly at Tianliao Moon World

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Contrary to the name, Tianliao Moon World isn’t a gimmicky funfair. In fact, it’s anything but! Picture a prehistoric scene or something straight out of Star Trek — that’s what the landscape is like at the natural badlands in Tianliao district, aptly named Moon World. The terrain gets its unique look because of years and years of erosion. Considering the fact that badlands are usually only found in very dry areas, these unique tropical ones in Kaohsiung prove to be very unique indeed.

Forget cityscapes and shopping malls, Moon World offers something out of the ordinary that you can hardly find anywhere else in Asia. Trek up and around the badlands and you’ll be well rewarded by the otherworldly views at the top!

9. Immerse yourself in art at Pier-2 Art Center

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Rediscover your creative edge at Pier-2 Art Center, an abandoned industrial area fully transformed into an art capital packed with different art exhibits and installations. Photo ops are aplenty here and the sheer amount of art in the neighborhood ensures you’ll never get bored strolling around, provided you have good company and a drink in hand!

The warehouse used to be an abandoned area, but due to the persistence of local artists, it has been transformed into one of Kaohsiung’s most sought-after attractions — boosting the city’s tourism by leaps and bounds.

10. Relish the sea breeze at Sizihwan

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On the West of Kaohsiung lies Sizihwan or Sizih Bay. When you’re in a gorgeous harbour city like Kaohsiung, nothing beats romantic views of the seashore. Sizihwan is a popular sightseeing destination for a walk down the black sand beach or to view the sun as it sets over the horizon.

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Here, simple things like walking around the area will make you feel as if time has stopped in its tracks. You’ll stumble across charming little things like ornate temples along with stairs and tunnels leading to who knows where. Come here with a group of friends or your family and enjoy each other’s company as you explore all that Sizihwan has to offer.

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