Top 10 Things to Do in Chachoengsao Province

Top 10 Things to Do in Chachoengsao Province

Located to the east of Bangkok, the underrated province of Chachoengsao boasts magnificent temples and more. Here are the main things to do when you’re in the region.

Located in the south-central part of Thailand, Chachoengsao is a relatively under-visited province despite being within easy reach of the vibrant capital of Bangkok. The province boasts a plethora of cultural, religious, and historic sites, as well as natural attractions, interesting markets, and coastal areas on the Gulf of Thailand.

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Here are some of the best things to do on a visit to Chachoengsao:

1. Visit the Village of Baan Santitham

Baan Santitham, also named the Village Social Development Centre, is home to a large and diverse collection of plants. Visitors can learn more about the traditional medicinal use of plants and herbs throughout Thailand’s history, as well as step inside a traditional Thai wooden house that contains beautiful handicrafts and interesting artefacts.

2. Admire Wat Sothorn Wararam Woraviharn

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Wat Sothorn Wararam Woraviharn is the oldest temple in Chachoengsao. Locals may also refer to it as Wat Sothorn, for short, or by its previous name of Wat Hong. Sitting alongside the river, the temple’s pale façade with glimmering golden touches presents a beautiful sight. Inside, the floor tiles depict an array of marine life, while the ceiling has been decorated to represent the universe. There are many Buddha statues and pictures within the complex. Local legends say that the principal Buddha statue was rescued from the river as it was floating past.       

3. Marvel at Wat Hua Suan

Constructed from stainless steel, Wat Hua Suan probably looks a lot different to many other temples you’ve seen on your travels around Thailand. A large Buddha statue, surrounded by colourful lights, takes pride of place inside, surrounded by walls that show dazzling scenes from throughout the Buddha’s life.

4. Take plenty of pictures at Wat Saman Rattanaram

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Wat Saman Rattanaram is another of Chachoengsao’s fabulous temples. The grounds are home to a number of large and interesting statues, including the biggest statue of the Hindu deity of Ganesha in the whole country. There’s a three-headed Erawan statue, a stretching multi-coloured Naga, a soaring statue of Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy, and many other statues of characters from Thai, Chinese, Buddhist, and Hindu beliefs.   

5. Go boating along the Bang Pakong River

See Chachoengsao from a different perspective with a boat ride along the Bang Pakong River. Picturesque and peaceful, visitors can either rent their own rowing boat or take it easy and relax in a motorboat. Mango orchards and lush rice fields add to the scenic splendour, and there’s a high chance of spotting a variety of birds, fish, and other small wildlife.

6. Spot the bats at Wat Pho Bang Khla

While Wat Pho Bang Khla probably wouldn’t make it anyone’s must-see list based on the temple itself, the surrounding trees are well worth seeing. Hundreds of bats hang from the branches in the daytimes, waiting for dusk to arrive when they fly off in search of food. A late afternoon visit, shortly before sunset, is the best time to see the large fruit bats awakening from their sleep.

7. Relax in Suan Somdet Phra Srinagarindra Park

If your feet are aching from all your explorations in Chachoengsao, take some time out and relax in the shade of the trees at Suan Somdet Phra Srinagarindra Park. Enjoy a leisurely walk around the pond and indulge in a spot of people watching.  

8. Step back in time at Chachoengsao Fortifications

Dating back to the late 1700s and early 1800s, little remains of the city’s fortifications today. You can, however, walk around the ruins and see several old cannons still poised for action.

9. Experience traditions at Nakorn Nueng Khet

Nakorn Nueng Khet was once an important shopping destination for locals. An old floating market, the waterways provided convenient access for both vendors and buyers. While many sellers have relocated to premises alongside the water’s edge, there are still a handful of boats that ply their wares directly from the waters. It’s a great place to stock up on traditional souvenirs and sample local delicacies.

10. Shop at Talat Baan Mai

Despite having a name that means the new market, Talat Baan Mai is steeped in history. Sitting next to the river, the covered market has been a central trading point for more than 100 years. The wooden shops house an array of items, and there are plenty of food options if you’re in need of a little boost. Do note that the market only operates at weekends.

That’s not all. There’s definitely plenty more to see and do in Thailand’s Chachoengsao: Get close to nature at Khao Ang Rue Nai Wildlife Sanctuary, appreciate artistic talents at Thai Sand Sculptures Chachoengsao, step inside local temples and stroll through the lively street markets. You will hardly be bored. 

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