11 Things to Do in Agadir on Your First Visit

11 Things to Do in Agadir on Your First Visit

This coastal town in mid-southern Morocco isn’t known for just its sandy beaches. Here are some of the interesting attractions to discover there!

Sitting on the Atlantic coast, Agadir is one of the biggest cities in Morocco. It is a premier seaside tourist destination, attracting foreigners and locals alike. Although most of the city was destroyed by a huge and devastating earthquake in the past, it has been rebuilt into a modern playground. There are beautiful resorts, sandy beaches, museums, golf courses, markets, parks, and more. There are also interesting historical and cultural destinations within easy reach of Agadir if you want to add more diversity to your Moroccan holiday. Here are some of Agadir’s top attractions and activities:

1. Agadir Beach

Agadir’s long sandy beach is one of the city’s main draws. Golden sands fringe the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Swimming in the sea provides the perfect opportunity to cool down in the hot summers. There are many restaurants and cafes along the beachfront and you can either rent a beach chair or lay your towel on the sands to sunbathe. Additionally, the nearby beach at Taghazout is one of Morocco’s best surfing destinations.

2. Agadir Oufella

The hilltop ruins of Agadir Oufella are all that remain of the ancient kasbah from before the earthquake in the 1960s. The walls and foundations offer a glimpse of what the area would have looked like in the past, with traditional architectural designs. The ruins, however, aren’t the main reason to visit this spot. The elevated position provides terrific views over Agadir’s coastline and city. There are several refreshment sellers and people offering camel rides.   

3. Crocopark

Crocopark is a family-friendly park on the outskirts of Agadir city. Home to the biggest collection of crocodiles in the country, more than 300 crocs call the park home. Enclosures are spread through lovely landscaped gardens with many attractive trees and flowers.

4. Agadir Marina

A playground for wealthy locals and visitors, visit Agadir Marina to see luxury vessels bobbing on the waters and expensive cars parked around the edges. There are a number of boutiques, fancy cafes, and ice cream shops around the marina, and you can enjoy good views of the inscribed hillside in the distance.

5. Souk El-Had

Although Agadir isn’t known for its souks, with other Moroccan cities offering many more opportunities for excellent shopping, Souk El-Had (or the Friday Market) is the best local market for buying souvenirs and seeing local trade. Argan oil products are especially popular here, and you’ll also find an assortment of traditional clothing, teapots, lamps, shisha pipes, and other typical Moroccan memorabilia.

6. Ferris Wheel

Take a ride on Agadir’s beachside Ferris wheel for good views of the sea and city. Rides are possible by day and in the evening, offering two different perspectives, and younger members of the family are sure to enjoy the selection of kid-friendly fairground rides nearby.

7. Vallee des Oiseaux

Although you won’t need to spend an awful lot of time at Vallee des Oiseaux, it’s in a central location and even better… it’s free! The pleasant bird park is home to a variety of bird species, including flamingoes, parrots, and smaller feathered friends like finches. There’s also an assortment of smaller animals, such as llamas, goats, and rabbits.

8. Medina d’Agadir

Medina d’Agadir offers a window into Agadir’s past. Located a short distance out of the city and built on private land, it’s a modern-day reconstruction of the old medina of Agadir. Local artisans, builders, and craftspeople were used in its construction, following old plans and designs. In addition to admiring the architecture, you can wander the streets and browse a range of traditional Moroccan handicrafts at the various stalls. There are plenty of places to eat and drink too.

9. Mohammed V Mosque

A fairly new mosque, Agadir’s Mohammed V Mosque is now one of the city’s most important places of worship. It is closed to non-Muslims, but visitors can still admire the striking facades, complete with ornate wood and plasterwork.

10. Memoire d’Agadir

If you want to know more about the earthquake that destroyed Agadir, head to the small museum of Memoire d’Agadir. It also acts as a memorial to those who lost their lives in the natural disaster. There are old photographs of Agadir before the earthquake, as well as images of the devastated city shortly after the tragic events and old newspaper clippings and documents. The surrounding gardens are pretty and peaceful.   

11. Amazigh Museum

A top place to learn more about the local Berber culture, the Amazigh Museum can be found in the city centre. The various exhibits and displays, including cookwares, clothing, musical instruments, jewellery, carpets, and utensils, tell the story of the area’s history, heritage, and people.

More things to do in and around Agadir

Within easy reach of Agadir, Souss-Massa National Park is a great place for keen bird-spotters. Paradise Valley has many outdoor adventures in beautiful surroundings, and it’s easy to take a trip into the argan-growing areas. If you’re lucky you may spot the famous tree-climbing goats! Taroudant, often referred to as a mini Marrakech, is an ideal trip for culture lovers.  

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