Taiwan at Night: 5 Fun Things That Locals Love to Do

Local Things to Do in Taiwan at Night

Wondering what to do in Taiwan when night falls? Well, take it from the locals and check out these fun activities.

Growing up in four different countries and having travelled to more than 30, I know what I’m saying when I tell you that Taiwan, especially Taipei, has an incredible nightlife. The capital is already buzzing and bustling during the daytime, but I promise it gets crazier once the sun goes down – and I’m not just talking about bars, nightclubs, and getting drunk. I’m talking about other fun activities that will keep you awake through the night. The best part? They won’t cost a fortune!

Here are a few things that locals themselves like to do on in Taiwan at night:

1. Go singing in a karaoke joint

Taiwan at night

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In Taiwan, you can sing your way through the night with your besties. Karaoke, or KTV as we like to call it, is without a doubt one of the most popular things to do for a night out in Taiwan. It doesn’t matter young or old, friends or family, colleagues or a group of high school students. It is also very common for locals to celebrate birthdays or do farewell parties at a KTV!

The most popular KTV chains are Party World and Holiday KTV. There, you and your friends will get a private room with a good stereo system, and you can sing (or scream) as loud as you want. A variety of food and drinks can be ordered during the session. The usual rate is around US$11 per person for the first three hours, and then you can top up for more hours if needed. Believe it or not, I’ve once had friends who stayed at the KTV for eight hours straight.  

2. Catch shrimps and enjoy it with beer

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In the U.S., there are bowling alleys for nights out. Here in Taiwan, we have shrimping alleys instead and as odd as it sounds, it is becoming more and more popular. Going on a “shrimp date” is even a thing! The concept is easy: grab a chair, rent a pole and some bait, catch your own shrimp and ten minutes later, tada! You’re enjoying your shrimp with a bottle of Taiwan Beer.

Most of the shrimping alleys are clustered around Shilin MRT Station. A popular 24-hour indoor shrimping arena is called ChuenCheng and it charges around US$12 per hour.

3. Hunt for food in night markets

Taiwan at night

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Why go clubbing when the best nightlife can be found at our night markets? Everyone knows how delicious and cheap Taiwanese street food is; just pick any night market such as Shilin or Ningxia Night Market and head over to start your food hunt.

Mala Hotpot | Image credit: Catherine Ling

Taiwan at night

Chen Jia Cold Noodles | Image credit: Bryan…

If night markets are too hectic, Taipei offers plenty of other options for those craving for a late-night meal. For instance, the famous Mala Hotpot chain, 牛肉麵˙雞湯 (it literally means “beef noodle soup & chicken soup”), Chen Jia Cold Noodles and Yonghe Doujiang are the must-try spots and they all open until around 4am.

4. Go for a midnight ride on a motorbike

Taiwan at night

Image credit: Wei-Te Wong

As dangerous as I think it is, motorbiking with a group of friends in the middle of the night is quite popular among teenagers. They usually meet up somewhere in the city to shop for snacks and drinks, then drive up the mountains together until they find a nice enough night view. Yangminshan and Jiananshan are the usual hangout spots.

Keep in mind that there are not many streetlights in the mountains and the roads can be quite steep, so if ever you get invited to one of these hangouts, enjoy but ride safe!

5. Drink tea at Maokong 

Taiwan at night

Image credit: Edgar Alan Zeta-Yap

Maokong is well-known for its teahouses, to the point that locals come all the way up the mountains at midnight just to have a pot of oolong tea. Groups of friends often gather here to drink tea and have deep conversations until sunrise. Check out Shuang Hsiang Tea Garden and Yao Yue Teahouse which are open 24 hours.

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Isn’t Taiwan at night so exciting? Man, we wish we could live here just like the locals!

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