Poké Ball EasyCard in Taipei Scheduled for Re-Release This Month

Taipei’s Limited-Edition Poké Ball Smartcards Are Making A Comeback!

Ready to travel across Taipei, searching far and wide?

Before the pandemic this year, there was the Pokémon pandemonium last year in Taipei. Clearly, we’re talking about the collaboration between EasyCard Corporation and Niantic, Inc., where they came up with the limited-edition Poké Ball EasyCard! And guess what? It’s scheduled for a comeback this 15 October 2020

A quick refresher: Taipei EasyCards are the electronic stored-value cards that are the main form of payment in the Taipei Metro, along with other public transport services and select shops. If you’ve ever visited this spectacular city, then you’ve probably experienced using these at least once. 

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What to expect from the Poké Ball EasyCard

Poké Ball EasyCard

Image credit: EasyCard

As you might expect, the Poké Ball EasyCards were instantly sold out on the day it was initially launched. It was, after all, a collaboration with Niantic, Inc. — A.K.A. the American AR tech company behind Pokémon Go! Though, apart from that, the Poké Ball EasyCard is definitely as cute and funky as it is functional. 

It’s shaped like the actual 3D Poké Balls that the Trainers use to capture and train Pokémon. Now, enthusiasts and die-hard fans can have a real-life version, which they can use every day, thanks to its function! The Poké Ball EasyCard will come with a handy strap (wouldn’t want to lose it now, would you?) and will flash a green light after every successful transaction. Pretty cool, right? 

Why the sudden comeback?

EasyCard is bringing back the highly-sought-after contactless smartcard, as part of the launch of its Easy Wallet payment service. So, for those who weren’t lucky (or quick) enough to snag a limited-edition Poké Ball EasyCard — here’s your second chance!

Pre-orders will start on 15 October 2020, 11.00 a.m. (GMT+8) and will end on 25 October 2020, 11.59 p.m. (GMT+8). The standard price is NT$390 (~S$18.45) and you can get these on PChome 24h.

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For further details, check out their official Facebook page.

Featured image credit: EasyCard


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