These 10 Cities Have The Best Public Transportation in The World

These 10 Cities Have The Best Public Transportation in The World

The 2017 Sustainable Cities Mobility Index from Arcadis has revealed the world’s best – and worst – public transport networks.

A city that runs smoothly is underpinned by many systems, including an efficient and reliable public transport. And according to the Sustainable Cities Mobility Index published by Arcadis, a design, engineering and consultancy group, Hong Kong is the world leader in public transportation.

Trams in Hong Kong

The recently-published index ranks the overall performance of the mobility systems in 100 cities and is composed of 23 indicators grouped into three sub-indices: People, Planet and Profit. Put together, the indicators paint a picture of the success of a city’s urban mobility system, taking into account social, environmental and economic factors.

According to the 2017 Sustainable Cities Mobility Index, the top ten cities are:

1. Hong Kong
2. Zurich
3. Paris
4. Seoul
5. Prague
6. Vienna
7. London
8. Singapore
9. Stockholm
10. Frankfurt

MRT in Singapore

Korail train in Seoul | Image credit: Doo Ho Kim

Dominating the list are European cities which bagged seven spots. Aside from Hong Kong, there are two other Asian cities within the top ten: Seoul, at fourth place, and Singapore, at eighth place.

Contributing to Hong Kong’s leading position is its world-class transport infrastructure which includes a well-organised Mass Transit Railway. Less than one-fifth of Hong Kong’s dense population owns a car and the public transportation system handles some 12.6 million passenger journeys each day. On top of that, as compared to other cities, Hong Kong’s urban transport system is relatively affordable for the consumers.

To check out the full report, click this.

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