Malaysian’s Creative iPhone Photos on Instagram Get Reposted by Apple

Malaysian’s Creative iPhone Photos on Instagram Get Reposted by Apple

Who needs a DSLR anyway?

There are some things in life that deserve to be listed as achievements. One of these things is seeing your iPhone photos appear on Apple’s official Instagram account for your mobile photography. One young Malaysian photographer got to experience exactly that a few days ago! 

Muhammad Nuaim (who goes by @nuaim.z__ on Instagram) is a local photographer who hails from Kuantan, Pahang. A quick browse through his profile and you’ll quickly see how creative this young Malaysian is with his iPhone photos. He takes truly stunning images using just his mobile device and they are worth every like. 

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Swoon-worthy iPhone photos

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Well, one day, while Muhammad was walking on the beach, he saw a cloud with a unique shape in the sky. He decided to get creative. He used an empty bottle to mimic a rocket and captured a whimsical image right there and then. 

iphone photos

Image credit: Muhammad Nuaim

That very image, along with a few of his other creative works, is now on Apple’s official Instagram page! The post has gone down extremely well with Apple’s 26 million-plus followers, amassing more than 400,000 likes in just one day! 

At the time of writing, Muhammad’s post is one of the most highly-liked user-contributed content posts on Apple’s Instagram page. Malaysians especially were quick to jump into the comments to cheer on their compatriot. Many praised Muhammad’s creativity while plenty of Kuantan folks were also eager to express pride and show love for their hometown. 

iphone photos

Image credit: Dinie Aiman (left), Muhammad Faris (right)

This actually isn’t the first time a Malaysian has been featured on Apple’s prestigious Instagram page for their iPhone photos. Just last year, the multi-trillion company featured the likes of Muhammad Faris Danial Mohd Faizal and Dinie Aiman. It’s refreshing to see these talented photographers from our region receiving the recognition they deserve. 

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Keep them coming, Malaysia. Keep them coming! 

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