7 Struggles of Travelling with Your Siblings

7 Struggles of Travelling with Your Siblings

When travelling, you have to admit that our siblings are crazy and hilarious, and in many cases, annoying!

We all have many kinds of struggles when we travel, but nothing can quite compare to those crazy trips with our siblings. I have two sibs, a sister and a brother, and they are both relatively younger than I am. My age gap next to my sister is ten years, and yes I am the eldest. While some of you might not relate to these struggles, you have to admit that they’re crazy and hilarious and in many cases, annoying!

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1. Sharing everything

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If sharing is caring, does that mean we care a LOT for our siblings? Possibly; because we share many things with them. We have to travel light so our clothes could fit in a single luggage, we have to share a bed so accommodation expenses would be cheaper and at some point, we have to share towels because your sib forgot to bring one.

2. Riding a roller coaster solo or being forced to ride it with your sib

As the eldest among my sibs, I am the only one qualified to ride a roller coaster. It’s a bummer when I have to ride it alone because I can’t share the experience with my sister or brother. On the other hand, if you’re the fearful type, you will be forced to hope on the coaster because your sib cannot do it alone. Now that’s sad. Which of both sides are you guilty of?

3. Your time isn’t really YOUR time

No matter how hard you try, you will always either have to wait for your slow-moving sibling, or listen to him or her nag about how slow you are. Your time is never really your time so you always have to consider your siblings.

4. Babysitting

This is mostly applicable to the eldest, like myself. We find that we can’t always go where we want to because we have to look after our younger siblings. That means, wherever they want to go, you go too. What sucks more is when you don’t agree, you’re going to be in trouble. On the other hand, if you’re younger and your older sib forces you to go with her, you have no choice but to follow.

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5. Deciding where to eat sparks arguments

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If you and your siblings have the same taste in food, then lucky you because many of us don’t. When my parents ask us where we want to eat, we’d always arrive at a different conclusion. One would always prefer pizza, and the other something else. If your option was not chosen, you’re left bickering. #TrueStory

6. Sibling rivalry is real

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I may not be able to relate to this because my sister is ten years younger than I am. But for others, sibling rivalry is real. Haha! From “Who wore it best?” to “Who had the least complaints?”.

7. The domino effect

Ah, my favourite. You know that moment when one of your siblings start throwing a fit? That’s when everything else will fall apart. Those mood swings are a total game changer. As soon as someone starts complaining and nagging, the angry vibes will spread throughout the entire trip.

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Despite the annoying “inconvenience” our siblings might bring about, we love them anyway. After all, it’s the struggles of the trip that makes it even more memorable!

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