Spain Bans Air-Conditioning Below 27°C for Public Spaces

Spain Bans Public Spaces From Setting the Air-Con Below 27°C

Take note: It’s going to be a hot trip this season!

If you’re planning a trip to Spain during the summer season, make sure you pack your most comfortable clothes! The Spanish government has recently placed a ban that prevents air-conditioning for public buildings from being set below 27°C.

The ban applies to public buildings like shopping centres, cinemas, airports, and more. While these laws are not enforced on households, citizens are highly-encourage to do the same.

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This law affects winter as well; public buildings are prohibited from setting their heater above 19°C. Furthermore, shops must also keep their doors closed and have their heating systems checked more often, according to Spanish Ecological Transition Minister Teresa Ribera. Store window lights must also be turned off after 10pm. 

Why the ban on air-conditioning in Spain?

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For many tourists, especially those from Southeast Asian countries where it’s hot all year round, this seems like a ridiculous proposition. How can one survive in the sweltering heat of summer without the solace of one’s beloved air-conditioner? Well, as Shakespeare would say: “Though this be madness, yet there is method in’t.”

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Spain’s ban on air-conditioning is an effort to reduce the country’s energy consumption. In keeping with the rest of the EU, Spain aims to of energy consumption by 7% to decrease their dependency on Russian oil and gas. With diminishing natural resources on Earth, the reduction of energy consumption could also reduce dependence on fossil fuels and reduce emissions.

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The ban comes into effect on 9 Aug 2022 and lasts until Nov 2023. With Spain amidst a very hot summer, travellers should brace for the heat and pack accordingly!

As Spain bans air-conditioning in most public spaces, make sure to keep track of the weather before and during your visit. For ideas on what to wear as temperatures rise, click here.

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