Europe Might Soon Have Sleeper Trains Connecting London & Barcelona

Europe Might Soon Have Sleeper Trains Connecting London and Barcelona

Other possible routes include Edinburgh-Paris, Berlin-Rome, and Oslo-Prague.

Night trains in Europe have been on a roll lately (pun fully intended), what with the growing demand for eco-friendlier options among travellers. Recently, Germany’s Green Party unveiled their plans to build a larger network across Europe — including sleeper trains connecting London and Barcelona! It will be called Europaweites Nachtzugnetz (Europe-wide night train network). 

This is part of their initiative to provide a low-carbon alternative to flying among travellers. In order for this plan to push through, Europaweites Nachtzugnetz would need European-wide approval, which will be coordinated through the European Union.

What we know so far about these German sleeper trains

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The proposed network aims to connect the United Kingdom with other famous European cities. They’re targeting to have around 40 sleeper services operating across the continent. 

On the map below, you’ll see that the rail lines stretch from UK cities like London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Birmingham to other major cities like Barcelona, Lisbon, Rome, Stockholm, Budapest, and more! 

trains connecting London and Barcelona

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Most of these journeys will take between 9 to 14 hours, according to the designers of the network. So far, the longest proposed route is the one between London and Paris. Other routes that the Green Party has proposed are Edinburgh-Paris, Berlin-Rome, and Oslo-Prague

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More night trains in Europe

Last July, Germany also successfully launched a night train called the Alpen-Sylt Nachtexpress. It runs from Salzburg, Austria all the way to Sylt in the far northwest of Germany. As of writing, prices start at €29. 

Other upcoming night trains in Europe include those from ÖBB, Austria’s state-run operator. It’s set to launch its overnight Paris-Vienna service in December and Zurich-Amsterdam in 2022.

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These German sleeper trains connecting London and Barcelona are likely to have more expensive fares than flights. However, the Green Party is appealing to EU voters with the reasoning that the greener choice really tends to be more expensive as of now. 

“Those who travel a little longer to protect the climate should not have to pay extra. At present, international air traffic enjoys enormous tax advantages. These distortions of competition must be corrected urgently,” said the group in a recent statement.

Here in TripZilla, we certainly agree that it’s high time we revisit how we can better respect the destinations we visit. After all, it’s all part of the bigger picture — that is, securing the future of travel. Click here for more articles on how to make sustainable travel happen. 

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