6 Types of Sleeper Sofa for Your Airbnb Guests & Why You Need It

6 Types of Sleeper Sofa for Your Airbnb Guests & Why You Need It

Choose the one that fits the aesthetic of your home!

When travelling, it is very important to have the comfort you need to stay packed on energy so that you can be energised to travel the next day. Learn why you need a sleeper sofa for your Airbnb and what style options you can choose from.

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Why do you need a sleeper sofa for your traveller?

Do you own an Airbnb? To add extra sleeping space to your Airbnb, you can get a sleeper sofa so that your guests can sleep comfortably and rank your place the best! There are many different styles you can choose from that can fit the aesthetic of the room. Just get a sleeper sofa with free delivery option so that you can easily get it to your location.

Styles of sleeper sofa for your Airbnb

There are many different style options for you to choose from. Let’s take a look at all the style options you can find that may fit the aesthetic of your Airbnb:

1. Mid-century modern

The mid-century quintessential sofa is a rectangular-shaped sofa that has a tufted back. It is the perfect fit for your room if you have a modern plus a classical aesthetic. It will also sync well with classic furniture. You can pair it up with plush cushions when closed to give it added comfort.

2. English roll arm

The English roll arm is a versatile option and can go well with the traditional aesthetic as well as the modern one. It is very comfortable and your guests will surely thank you for having it. The English roll arm has tucked-in arms that are great for comfort and they also have bare legs that add aesthetic value.

3. Twin-sized

If you want to add a king or a queen-sized bed but don’t have the space, the twin-sized bed is the next best thing for you. This twin-sized sofa pulls out similarly and can give your guests the most comfortable sleep they can imagine. This sleeper sofa is built in an armchair which gives it the comfort most travellers are looking for.

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4. Tuxedo

A tuxedo sleeper sofa is an extended version of the backrest and has a removable cushioned seat that allows you to open the sofa without any back cushions. It is a boxy sofa so you must place it aesthetically so that rather than disrupting the aesthetics, it elevates it.

5. Camelback

As the name suggests, the camelback style has a curved back that is a symbolisation of a camel’s hump. These sofas come without cushions so if you want some, you can add them on your own. This is a more traditional-style sofa and can fit if you have other traditional pieces of furniture.

6. Chesterfield

The chesterfield is a distinct style that offers leather and nailhead detailing. With this sofa, you will find tufted accents and rolled arms that give this sleeper sofa its aesthetic value.

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Among these styles, you can find one that best fits the aesthetic of your Airbnb. However, it is important to realise that most travellers are looking for a good place to sleep. If your sleeper sofa is not comfortable enough, they might not have a good experience staying with you!

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