Top Spiritual Places and Practices to Recharge Yourself

Top Spiritual Places and Practices to Recharge Yourself

To finding peace and recharging your batteries!

We never cease to strive for and find meaning, balance, and peace in life. Now and then we crave to get away from our everyday working schedule, we need a break to recharge. Most of us want to go away to new, unfamiliar places. Destinations that take away our attention from everyday problems, and our monotonous, never-ending cycles. Because our soul remembers its infinite nature, and our worldly experience is trying to crush our souls by never-ending monotony.

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Travelling is the best way to discover new cultures, experiences, something that resonates with what we are truly searching for, and meant to find. So many of us prefer to travel, and get away from our lives whenever we can, not only to switch off and regain balance in our lives but to touch that sacred space within we completely forgot to connect with. Except if you regularly meditate or do something similar, and you connect with a space your soul has been craving.

Finding peace and recharging your batteries through travel

Traditional spiritual places in Europe

1. Dobogókő, Hungary

Dobogókő is a popular tourist destination near Pilisszentkereszt in Hungary, and the highest point in the Visegrad Hills at 699 metres. It is believed to be the Heart Chakra of the Earth. Dobogó refers to the pulsing of the Earth’s heart, and one thing is sure, visitors can expect a boost of energy, hiking or meditating here. The site offers retreatment and healing centres and is a favoured pilgrimage attraction. The place offers truly stunning natural views and a refreshing panorama.

2. Camino de Santiago, Spain

Camino de Santiago is one of the most popular mediaeval pilgrimage destinations in the North West of Spain in Europe. Santiago de Compostela is named after Apostle Saint James who was buried here, and his remains were discovered by a shepherd in the 9th century. It has been recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for encouraging important cultural exchanges between people all over the world for many centuries. It can be a unique, unforgettable experience of a lifetime today.

3. Southern France

Southern France offers you spectacular stone sites along with sacred and historical cathedrals. You should visit the Plum Village, known as the largest Buddhist monastery in Europe as well as a popular meditation centre. Buddhist tradition and practices go hand in hand with the importance of mindfulness here. If you want a unique experience of belonging to a community and serenity, you should visit the site. You could also polish your cooking and cleaning skills!

Dream spiritual destinations in America

1. Lake Titicaca, Peru, and Bolivia

Lake Titicaca, Peru, and Bolivia

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Lake Titicaca is one of the world’s largest and best-known lakes. The site has become an important spiritual retreat centre with many pilgrims. Lake Titicaca is strongly influenced by the Inca civilization and is called the birthplace of the Sun. The Incas believed that their ancestors came from the magical lake, therefore their royalty was special. The lake is connected to several islands which are home to meditation retreats. Visitors can gain a fresh perspective on life and nature here.

2. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a dream travel destination with rich flora and fauna, and unique retreat centres if you wish to reconnect with nature and your soul. It offers versatile sites like mysterious jungles, lush vegetation, pink, white, and black sandy beaches with crystalline waters, mineral hot springs, active volcanoes, monkeys, parrots, jaguars, iguanas, and exotic fruits. Costa Rica is your go-to place if you value self-awareness, spiritual growth, healing, sustainability, yoga, meditation, and longevity.

Unique spiritual spots in Asia

1. India

India is recognised for its spirituality, diversity, amazing mountains, beaches, and rich flora and fauna. You should go to India if spiritual awakening matters to you! The numerous ashrams and temples enable its visitors to find peace and immerse themselves in what truly matters in life by gaining wisdom. If you want to discover spiritual destinations, you should visit the Jagannath Temple in Puri, Kashi in Varanasi, or even Auroville in Pondicherry. You won’t be disappointed!

2. Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto is a rich culture blended with modern lifestyle, amazing sights, shopping facilities, and theme parks. If you are also looking for a spiritual retreat besides these options, Japan could be an optimal choice! Considered the capital of peace and tranquillity, Heian-Kyo in the Kansai region in Kyoto has been serving as a cultural centre for thousands of years. It serves as a home of some 1,660 Buddhist temples, 400 Shinto shrines, 90 Christian churches. It offers a truly unique experience of a retreat.

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3. Adam’s Peak, Sri Lanka

You can find true spiritual transformation by climbing the rock of Adam’s Peak in Sri Lanka! Start in the middle of the night so you can experience the sensational sunrise, and go up 2,244 metres of steep steps, and over tea estates, shrines, and beautiful forests full of wildlife. No matter your faith, all visitors of any religion are welcome to climb the sacred footprint! You can worship Adam, Buddha, Saint Thomas, or Shiva at this holy and picturesque location.

Finding peace and recharging your batteries through practice

spiritual places and practices

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If you don’t have a chance to travel, especially since COVID restrictions, the mayhem, and additional costs, you should use every chance you can to practice, and rebond with yourself. In my experience, the following three practices are best to achieve similar results and to give you the energy boost to go on and tackle everyday challenges.

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1. Meditation

Everyone has tried meditation, but not many do it regularly. It could be one of the closest experiences to travel. Only, you do it in your mind, that could affect you more positively than travel. It is inevitable to touch base with our spirit in today’s hectic world! No matter if you choose mindfulness meditation to be fully present with your thoughts, guided, transcendental, chakra, vipassana, loving-kindness, or yoga meditation, they can help you find your centre again.

2. Bioresonance

If paired with meditation, or relaxation, it can help you travel to faraway places. Even further than some of the most distant physical destinations would allow. It can be a very relaxing way to switch off, and completely rebalance yourself. You need to be patient, and allow enough time to fully relax into it. Taking regular bioresonance treatments could reharmonize all your body and mental imbalances.

It helps to reset your organs on their normal frequency in holistic or complementary medicine. The machine, connected through wires to your body, measures its frequency of energy wavelengths. These measures can help diagnose, and treat disease. Since it is a very fine but effective energy treatment, the best results come after repetition.

3. Yoga

Only as much as a 15-minute dynamic yoga practice and stretching daily can do magic for you. It will help you switch off from your daily fast-paced and even stressful routine, renew your cells by giving them sufficient oxygen and strengthen you inside out. By making it a habit to integrate that 15 minutes into your daily work schedule, no matter how busy you are, you train your body and mind to focus better, and not to forget to take care of yourself as well.

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