17 Nostalgic Street Snacks in Singapore that Bring Tears to Our Eyes

17 Nostalgic Street Snacks in Singapore that Bring Tears to Our Eyes

When in Singapore, here are 17 street snacks to indulge your tastebuds. Try Ding Dang Tang, Ramly Burgers, steamed rice cakes, ice balls and a lot more!

Of course, these can still be found in places like Bugis Street, Chinatown, Pasar Malams, the occasional cart here and there, and in various parts of Malaysia, but it’s nice to relive these memories anyway.

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1. Ding dang tang

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Image credits: Juesatta

Also known as kok kok candy, Ding Dang Tang gets its name from the sound made when hacking the candy apart into manageable, edible pieces – often in front of the buyer.

2. Muah chee

Image credits: Pixie Prodigy

Muah chee is a yummy snack made up of sticky glutinous rice pieces in ground peanut and sugar.

3. Dragon beard

Image credits: Nooschi

Dragon beard is a sticky and delicious snack comprising a sweet peanut filling wrapped in threaded sugar.

There’s even a Facebook page dedicated to it.

4. Steamed rice cakes

Image credits: Baking on Cloud 9

Soft, fluffy and sweet, these rainbow rice cakes are a favourite among kids and adults alike.

5. Ice balls

Image credits: 2nd Shot

Ice balls are sort of like your regular Ice Kachang, but without the added ingredients below the ice – plus you eat them with nothing but your hands because back then, hygiene concerns weren’t yet concerns.

6. Gao lak

Image credits: BoringSingapore.com

Chestnuts roasted on wooden pushcarts. Gao lak probably fell out of fashion when littering laws came into effect and tossing the chestnut shells behind you as you walk would earn you a fine – I know because I had such great fun peeling and littering chestnut shells all over the place when I was in China.

7. Tutu kueh

Image credits: Aiclay.com

Tutu kueh is a rice flour kueh with shredded coconut or peanut fillings.

8. Cup corn

Image credits: CavinTeo.blogspot.sg

Cup corns are basically steamed corn in a cup, with lots and lots of salt and butter.

9. Kachang puteh

Image credits: Yahoo Entertainment SG

Kachang puteh: awesomeness in rolled up paper. That is all.

10. Lu dan

Image credits: Savory Bites

I’m not sure what to call this in English. I suppose the closest would be brown stewed eggs? Lol. Lu dan sounds better.

11. Ondeh ondeh

Image credits: Sayang Melaka

Ondeh ondeh are green rice balls coated in coconut shavings filled with gula melaka (palm sugar) that bursts in your mouth.

12. Satay sticks

Image credits: Wandering Food Lover

Sticks of meat grilled right in front of you.

13. Curry puffs

Image credits: Tip Top Curry Puffs

Curry puffs: basically heaven.

14. Tau huay

Image credits: Ieatishootipost.sg

Tau huay is a beancurd dish that didn’t use to be a solid like the popular Lao Ban variety today. It is traditionally melt-in-your-mouth soft, served in sugar water, sometimes with peanut dumplings (tang yuan).

15. Deep fried dough

Image credits: SixthSeal.com

You tiao, butterfly buns, salted buns, etc.

16. Kiam Sng Tee

Image credits: absolutechinatours.com

Dried / preserved fruit.

17. Ramly burger

Image credits: Traveler Folio

Image credits: The Yum List

Image credits: Ieatishootipost

The all-time favourite Ramly burger.

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Contributed by Natalie Kay-Es-El.

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