SafeHandFish: From Soy Sauce Bottle To Hand Sanitiser Container

SafeHandFish: From Soy Sauce Bottle To Hand Sanitiser Container

There is a dire shortage of hand sanitiser in Japan.

The demand for hand sanitiser has increased exponentially as the new coronavirus which surfaced in Wuhan, China spreads all over the globe. It is no different in Japan, where there is a dire shortage of the product. Many companies including retailers, fashion brands, and startups are stepping up their game to meet the rising demand for the mostly-alcohol-based gel which decreases infectious agents on the hand.

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Likewise, Cleanse EX, a maker of a natural antibacterial agent, had the solution to meet the surging demand of alcohol-based sanitisers that have become a scarce commodity as the country fumbles through the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it lacked the means of distributing it.

A partnership with Oshiya, who manufactures and refills the ubiquitous fish-shaped portable soy sauce containers, was the icing on the cake. By replacing the soy sauce with hand sanitiser, the joint initiative, named SafeHandFish, is able to fill the demand-supply gap.

The miniature soy sauce bottles with caps usually in red are an indispensable addition of a bento box in Japan. Under the SafeHandFish project, the caps have ingeniously been changed to blue to emulate the United Nations emblem while signifying cleanliness.

Image credit: CleanseEx

Currently, the fish-shaped hand sanitisers are provided free of charge to restaurants and delivery businesses who will include the containers in take-out orders.

It can quickly be used to sterilise the area of concern before enjoying one’s meal and can be used with confidence as it is considered a food additive under the Food Sanitation Law.

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