7 Reasons That Will Make You Wanna Go on Fly Cruises This Instant

7 Reasons That Will Make You Wanna Go on a Fly Cruise This Instant!

Seeing the world has never been so smooth sailing.

Few things are more exciting than a cruise: the experience allows aspiring explorers to embark on once-in-a-lifetime journeys to far-flung shores. Even better, cruises allow travellers to hit multiple destinations on their bucket list in a single voyage, since not everyone has the time to fly around the world at a leisurely pace. If making the most of your vacation days is what you’re after, then fret not: You don’t have to let time and distance keep you from seaing the world!

Instead, consider fly cruises, where travellers can fly directly to a departure port in another country, then hop on a cruise ship to sail around the region. At the end of the trip, the cruise will take you back to the port and you can jump on another plane to get home. Isn’t this a much more convenient way to see the world than hopping in and out of planes to get to all the places on your to-see list? Not to mention, it’s more fun; sailing means you won’t have to spend hours upon hours waiting at the airport. Plus, you can enjoy the novelty, style, and adventure of sea travel! It also opens up endless possibilities; travellers from all over the world can join any cruise exploring exotic destinations around the globe.

As a seasoned traveller on the hunt for your next great escape, you’ll want to know everything about fly cruises and the cruising lifestyle. We’ve got the scoop below: let’s count the reasons to book a fly and cruise getaway for your upcoming holiday. 

Let Royal Caribbean Cruises whisk you off to sea the world on the voyage of a lifetime! The world-class cruise liner sails to the world’s most awe-inspiring destinations, from the glacial wilderness of Alaska to the ancient cities of Europe. Now, these trips are better and more accessible than ever. 

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Here’s why you should consider fly cruises for your next getaway

1. Fly and sail to some of the most spectacular destinations around the world.

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First, one of the biggest draws of fly cruises is that they make far-flung destinations suddenly feel within reach. Think about it: Europe is worlds away from Singapore and other places in Southeast Asia. Don’t you want to make the most of your trip when you get there? A cruise guarantees that you’ll get to make a handful of once-in-a-lifetime experiences in just one trip: Fly to England, then cruise to beautiful places like Germany and Netherlands; or visit Spain and sail to other tourist favourites like France and Italy. Think about it: You’re travelling from so far away, so you should soak in as many tourist attractions as possible, right? 

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2. Fly-cruising is the most efficient way to travel.

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Sailing the high seas may be a wonderful experience that’s worth adding to the bucket list, but it’s also a practical choice. A cruise lets you explore multiple places in a single voyage — and more importantly, with a single ticket purchase. Instead of booking numerous transportation like train, bus, flights, or expensive private rides — plus planning hotels, tours, and food — as you travel between places, you can save your time and energy when you opt for a cruise.

For instance, Singaporeans who want to visit Australia and New Zealand can take a single flight from their home country, then simply hop on a cruise to explore the entire mesmerising region. There’s no need to book multiple flights nor rack your brain planning a trip across one or two countries — which means much less stress compared to doing a whole vacation DIY!

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3. Onboard activities keep every day at sea exciting.

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Travelling by cruise ship is ultimately like sailing the world in a world-class hotel: You won’t just be sitting on a cramped seat staring out the window. Instead, every ship will feature its own brand of onboard activities and entertainment — the sheer volume of options makes the commute anything but boring! 

Featuring something for everyone, Royal Caribbean doesn’t disappoint when it comes to onboard recreation. Thrill-seekers can launch themselves down massive water slides at The Perfect Storm, then chase more thrills with simulated skydiving and surf sessions onboard. Meanwhile, younger passengers can join the Adventure Youth Program for fun-filled forays into art, theatre, and science. There’s even an escape room where passengers can scour for clues and solve tricky puzzles before time runs out!

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At night, expect world-class dining, late-night cocktails, live music, and fun parties where you can dance till you drop. Prefer the theatre? Royal Caribbean takes onboard entertainment to the next level with shows that see Olympic-level high divers leap high into the air, performing mesmerising stunts and aerial acrobatics and finishing with a perfect dive into the deepest pool at sea.

4. Passengers can join shore excursions in each port.

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When the cruise ship is docked in port, passengers can join cruise-arranged shore excursions to immerse themselves in the locale. Shore excursions are add-on purchases to cruise fares, but they’re an excellent way to see the new locale. Plenty of shore excursions will take you to the port’s most popular tourist attractions, but it could also include dining, shopping, and enjoying extreme outdoor activities. 

For instance, cruises from China can take passengers to the most awe-inspiring attractions in Japan, like the 17th century ruins of the Kinkakuji Temple in Kyoto, the World Heritage-listed Shurijo Castle in Okinawa, and even the fiery hues of Mt. Rokko in Kobe during the autumn season. 

Joining these tours isn’t required — if you prefer setting off on your own, then you’re free to embark on an adventure by yourself or with your travel buddies. However, organised shore excursions make trips hassle-free for travellers who want a break from planning their itinerary. If you’re unfamiliar with the destination, then it’s definitely easier to book a tour than trying to figure things out on your own.

Cruises from China

5. Cruises allow travellers to visit more than one destination in a single voyage.

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When you’re looking to make the most of your vacation, cruises are ideal. Not only is travelling the high seas a worthwhile expedition that’s much different than travelling by air or land, but cruises will also typically take tourists to more than one city or country in a single trip. Travellers can fly to their destination, then let the cruise take it from there and whisk them away to all the best tourist stops on the route.  

Fly cruises guarantee that it’s not just about visiting one place and staying put. Rather, you’ll be able to channel the spirit of great voyagers and embrace adventure at its best. A good example: On a week-long Alaska cruise from vibrant Vancouver, Canada, you can explore numerous Alaskan gems, like the magnificent Hubbard Glacier and the iconic Mount Juneau, then go on to see the amazing humpback whales at Icy Strait Point  — all within seven days! Is there a better way to maximise a vacation than this?

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6. All-in cruise packages guarantee the best value for money experience.

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It’s not just our time that we’re budgeting on vacation; our cash is in limited supply, too! And so, when you’re picking a holiday activity or destination, it’s important to consider how much of a `dent it will make on your bank account — and whether it’s worth the splurge. 

Fly cruises can seem pricey at first glance, but look closer and it’s easy to see how great the value for money is. After all, cruise fares come inclusive of accommodations, transportation, and access to nearly all the ship’s resort-like facilities — pool and all! Even the food is free, if you stick to certain dining options. That means a fly cruise to the Bahamas may not be that much more expensive than doing the trip DIY, all things considered. (Minus the stress, too.)

Cruises to the Bahamas

7. It’s easy and accessible for travellers of all ages.

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Let’s get this out of the way first: planning vacations with the entire family can be a drag. Not only do you have to pick destinations that everyone will enjoy, but you also have to take into account the stress of travelling with young children and elderly. 

Cruising makes things much simpler. Even when you’re travelling with an extra-large crew, you won’t have to worry about constantly booking train or plane tickets for everyone individually and lugging your luggage everywhere you go. On a cruise, there’s no need to carry the luggage from country to country, from one hotel to another — since all your luggage is on board, it goes wherever you go. It’s a vacation, so you definitely deserve a break from the literal heavy lifting! 

To add to that, because you’re spending less time in a car or plane travelling between places, you have more time to hit the places on everyone’s bucket lists. Families visiting Europe won’t have to choose between France and Italy — just go ahead and explore both. 

Hopping on a cruise definitely makes it easier to visit bucket-list destinations such as Europe, New Zealand, Alaska, China, the Bahamas, and many more. Thinking of setting sail soon? Embark on the expedition of your dreams with Royal Caribbean and expect an epic trip that’s more than your usual holiday!

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