A Spontaneous Roadtrip to the Sahara Desert in Morocco

A Spontaneous Roadtrip to the Sahara Desert in Morocco

Follow this Filipina's journey as she explores the harsh yet beautiful Sahara desert on an impromptu roadtrip.

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Sometimes, the best adventures are unplanned. ~ Anonymous

When my friends and I were wandering around the Old City of Fes, we met a businessman who owns a tour group. He offered us a specialised 2 days and 1 night desert trip which we grabbed in a heartbeat. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so why not do it?!

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Our impulsive road trip to the Sahara desert started on a very cold 5-ish morning where the owner of the tour group and our personal driver were waiting for us in front of the blue gate.

roadtrip sahara desertGroufie with the owner before we embarked on our journey

From Fes, we drove south to Ifrane – the Switzerland of Morocco.

sahara desert roadtripMorning greetings from Morocco

sahara desert roadtripThe lion in Morocco reminds me of Baguio

Then we passed through Azrou to see the wild barbarian apes in the cedar forest. Our very close encounter with them was like a national geographic experience.

sahara desert roadtripAzrou, Morocco

sahara desert roadtripBlue scarves to represent the blue city

Barbarian Monkey

We continued our way to Midelt where we experienced a change of scenery. Suddenly, we saw some snow. The three of us were snow virgins so got excited at the sight of it.

Another national geographic moment

The trees

The first time I stepped on a snow

Around 1 in the afternoon, we crossed the pass of Tizi N’talghamt to reach the city of Errachidia while enjoying the view of Ziz gorges. Unfortunately, no more snow. Only pure dry land.

Dry land

Snow to desert

Ziz gorges

Afterwards, we stopped for a panoramic view of the Ziz Valley.

Ziz Valley

Then we made our way to the hotel somewhere in the Erg Chebbi Dunes. It was a wild sandy-bumpy ride so we transferred to a 4×4 car. I never knew I could experience a fun sandy ride which I only see on TV. On the other hand, the hotel has magnificent views. However, we only used the hotel as a storage place since we spent the night in a nomad tent.

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Insert something sentimental

Somewhere around the hotel

Somewhere around the hotel

After storing our luggage, we did a camel trek for 1.5 hours to reach our camp while enjoying the sunset. We suddenly felt like we were the three kings.


It was already dark when we reached our camp. We stayed and had dinner in a traditional nomad tent located somewhere in the middle of the dunes. After eating, we had a bonfire with our local guide coupled with some storytelling and singing.

I will light up your life

While having some chit chats, we realised how beautiful the night sky was. It was full of shining twinkling stars. It feels like we were stargazing in a planetarium but we were actually on a cooler and exotic place (just in the middle of the Sahara desert). Unfortunately, I could not take proper pictures of the beautiful stars.

From here to the moon and back

It was so hard for us to get some sleep because of the freezing weather. I never knew that it can be very cold in a desert. Anyhow, we waited for sunrise so we can watch it on top of the dune in the Sahara Desert.


Writings on the sand

Exploring the sand sea of Sahara Desert

Insert something sentimental

We rode the camels again for 1.5 hours under the scorching heat of the sun to go back to the hotel for some breakfast and shower. It seemed that one of the camels was hungry because it kept on biting me during our trip. Am I that yummy?!

Our camp

On our way back to the hotel

The three kings

Oasis without any plants

The camel who wants to eat me

Before we went back to Fes, we bid goodbye to our local guide and took a groufie. Overall, this impromptu trip was my best adventure ever. I had so many unforgettable first time experiences.

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We love Morocco!

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