Quick Travel-themed Projects to Keep Your Wanderlust Alive

Quick Travel-themed Projects to Keep Your Wanderlust Alive

Get your daily dose of tripspiration from these DIY travel-themed projects.

Are you a traveller who is suffering from a lack of inspiration and motivation? Make your wanderlust alive again with these easy project ideas. They are guaranteed to keep you focused on your #TravelGoals and #BucketLists. At least they worked for me!

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A Beach Reminder

A Beach Reminder is a small space on your desk with things that will remind you of the beach. It can be anything from tiny bottles filled with sand from your favourite beach destination to some cute little starfishes and shells. It can also be a pile of pebbles or that island souvenir you got a few years ago. It serves as a gentle reminder that expresses, “Hey, busy guy/gal, you need some Vitamin Sea.”

A Travel Dream/Vision  Board

travel themed projectsImage credit: Cornelis Boertjens

You might have encountered the Dream/Vision Board before. This is where your life goals are organised into a collage to motivate you to achieve them one by one. By adding a little twist to the mix, you can have this customised with a specific focus on your travel goals. Whether it is a flawless shot of the Eiffel Tower or an idyllic, postcard-worthy image of a beach holiday in the Maldives, a travel-centric vision board will truly keep you in the zone.

Desktop Magnets

Image credit: Elaine Ross Baylon

Obviously, you cannot bring your refrigerator to your workspace, but you can surely add a little life to your boring desktop by bringing some of your favourite ref magnets in the office. They can be attached to a metallic pencil holder or to the side of the table, which will truly give some exciting memories to recall.

A Travel Map

wanderlust project

Sometimes, all you need is a map to remind you of the journey that you’ve had and the adventure that further awaits you. A travel map can be a small printed world map (or go local if you want to explore your home country first) that enables you to place pins on the places you’ve been to and the places you wish to see next. It creates a great sense of accomplishment and inspiration at the same time, such that you can truly say, “Oh, the places I’ll go!”

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Framed Boarding Passes

wanderlust projectImage credit: Phillip Capper

If you have travelled a lot by air, I’m sure you’ve been issued several boarding passes. Some people may just throw these thin pieces of paper away, but for the sentimental traveller, it’s more than just a mere piece of printed paper. While some airlines have already done away with the “premium” boarding passes printed on board-like paper and have instead started to provide receipt-like ones, others still provide these traditional boarding passes. These can be collected and compressed in a small frame by either placing them as is or cutting to make up a part of a collage. These little things will truly give you a spark of excitement as they bring back some of the memories from your previous travels.

A Flag Vase

wanderlust projectImage credit: The Laird of Oldham

This is a very easy and straightforward project that only takes minutes to organise. Get a small vase (you don’t have to add water for this one), then add small flags of either of the following variations:

  • Several flags of the country of your PREVIOUS destination
  • Several flags of the country of your NEXT destination
  • Several flags of the countries you’ve been to
  • Several Flags of the countries you want to go

This project adds colour and life to any boring desk, and it keeps you on track with the places you’ve been to or the places you are about to see. It is also very quick to set up and can be a very good conversation starter.

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We all have our passions in life – passion to see, passion to explore, and most importantly, passion to live. With small reminders to keep you going, no matter how hard and stressful your day can be, you can simply take a breather and just imagine the next adventure that awaits you!

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James Aquino

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