These Quirky Road Signs in Sweden Will Make You Look Twice

These Quirky Road Signs in Sweden Will Make You Look Twice

Pirate hats and bubble baths on road signs? Only in Sweden!

I’m sure we all know what road signs are. Meant to warn, give instructions and provide information, these signs are often plain and completely ordinary. But it doesn’t always have to be this way. In fact, I spotted some incredibly quirky and adorable road signs in Sweden last year during my student exchange programme! Having spent my whole life growing up in Singapore (where there are no cute road signs, mind you), I was so surprised and amused by these road signs that I couldn’t stop taking photos of them!

A handful of these playful road signs were actually created by a Scandinavian street art group called Etiskvandalism.

Image credit: Etiskvandalism

Image credit: Etiskvandalism

Image credit: Etiskvandalism

The group puts a twist on the traditional road signs by creating innovative adaptations of them! Who knew road signs could look like this?

Others, which came from unknown origins, are equally wacky. Some of them starred characters with zany costumes…

Image credit: Jordgubbe

Some featured facial expressions…

Image credit: Mia Risberg

And some took it one step further with bubble baths, horses and skeletons…

Image credit: Holger.Ellgaard

Even furry friends like cats and rabbits were not left out!

Image credit: unicellular


So the next time you head to Sweden, remember to look around as you wander along the Swedish streets. Who knows, you might just spot some of these adorable road signs!

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