Pink Mamma in Jakarta: A Pink Café With ‘Emily in Paris’ Vibes

This Pretty in Pink Café in Jakarta Will Give You ‘Emily in Paris’ Vibes

Check out the blushing café that is blowing up everyone’s feeds in Jakarta.

Some restaurants and coffee shops are just begging to be captured on one’s camera and shared enthusiastically all over social media. Pink Mamma, a pretty-in-pink café in Jakarta, is rightfully one of these cafés, having an eye-catching appearance that can’t help but turn heads on the street. 

Created by the Hiro Group, this unique food concept in Indonesia is filled with rosy flowers and French-inspired décor. Outside, a bicycle leaning on the pink walls and the charming facade of an apartment make its design inspirations clear — it’s a charming slice of Paris in Indonesia. That’s certainly enough to make anyone stop and want to take a peek inside, and luckily, we found plenty to tickle our curiosity. 

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Pink Mamma: A floral wonderland in Jakarta, Indonesia

Decked out in pastel colours, Pink Mamma is Jakarta’s answer to London’s all-pink restaurant Sketch and chic bakery Peggy Porschen Belgravia. Much like these famous establishments, this blushing café is a must-visit for coffee lovers everywhere.  

Let’s talk about the design features that make a visit to Pink Mamma worthwhile. From the entrance of the café, you walk up a staircase where the walls are covered in flowers. Inside, you’re greeted by neon signage, millennial pink couches and chairs, a telephone box, and bouquets of rose, white, and lilac flowers that seem to appear anywhere your eyes can land on. 

All of these decorations work together to create a playful ambience. Indeed, it’s filled with many picturesque corners where you and your friends can pose for a selfie or two. 

Pink Mamma offers a mix of Indonesian and Western food, cakes, dessert crêpes, tea, coffee, and pastries such as eclairs and tarts. If the aesthetically pleasing interiors don’t compel you to capture photographs at every corner, the colourful plates of food on your table will most likely seal the deal. 

Due to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in Jakarta, Pink Mamma had to close its doors and limit its options to delivery and takeaway for several weeks on Sep 2020. But starting 14 Oct 2020, the café has reopened to visitors and is officially ready to welcome customers again. 

Pink Mamma in Jakarta

Image credit: Pink Mamma Official Instagram Page (left); alxndra.britney (right) 

Whether you’re a Wes Anderson fan on the lookout for design inspiration or you simply have a soft spot for anything pink, you can add a splash of pink to your daily walks at this pink café in Jakarta. 

Address: Rukan, Jl. Garden House Pantai Indah Kapuk St No.18, RT.6/RW.2, Kamal Muara, Penjaringan, North Jakarta City, Jakarta 14470, Indonesia  

Hours: Monday to Sunday, 11am to 10pm

Featured image credit: Pink Mamma | Official Instagram 

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