AirAsia to Resume ALL Flight Routes in Malaysia as Travel Takes Off!

AirAsia to Resume ALL Flight Routes in Malaysia as Travel Takes Off!

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As interstate travel resumes in the country, plenty of travel-starved Malaysians have been busy scouring the Internet for their next getaways. Some have already made plans to head back to their hometowns while others are thinking about when best to go on vacation. 

In the midst of all this, AirAsia, Malaysia’s most popular low-cost airline, has come out to announce that the company will be resuming all domestic flight routes by November. In the meantime, the airline is also eyeing up a reopening of flight routes to Thailand, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives as soon as next week! 

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Free seats for select domestic flights

However, for most Malaysians who have been separated from their families for months following various travel restrictions, the number one agenda is to travel back to their hometowns. 

To that end, AirAsia has launched a simply stunning initiative: FREE flights to locations like Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Johor Bharu, and more! 

We know what you’re thinking, there’s usually a long list of terms and conditions that come with promos like these. So, we did a little digging ourselves. 

airasia free flights

Image credit: AirAsia

As you can see, the initial booking page lists the dates with the (expected) lowest price for flights on that day. Moving forward, it takes you through the usual booking process: Selecting your preferred flight schedule, selecting add-ons, baggage allowance, etc. 

airasia flights

Image credit: AirAsia

For a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Penang without added insurance, baggage, or a flexible flight change plan, the final booking price we got was indeed exactly RM12. According to the fare breakdown, the cost covers the airline’s service charges but the seat itself was completely free! 

Image credit: AirAsia

However, as we noted before being allowed to book a flight, there are certain requirements passengers need to be aware of. For starters, face masks MUST be worn at all times during the flight. In addition, only fully vaccinated travellers are allowed to board the aircraft. 

We also realised that there were different requirements for locals and foreign travellers in Malaysia. So, if you are planning to book a flight, make sure to go through the detailed guide

Limited time offer


Image credit: Aaron Lee 

The incredible prices are only valid if you book your flight before 17 October 2021. The travel period, on the other hand, lasts until April 2022. So if you’re looking to only go on holiday next year, you can plan ahead and save yourself a fortune in the process! 

However, take note that usually with promotional fares like this, it is not possible to make adjustments to your bookings once they are confirmed. This is unless you book a Flexi Plan, but that would add on to the original cost. So make sure you really plan well to avoid any untoward circumstances. 

With AirAsia now opening many more flight routes, here’s hoping that international flights (into and out of Malaysia) will resume soon and we can get back to “making travel happen!” 

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