Odaiba Island, Tokyo: An Underrated Modern District for Your Itinerary

Odaiba Island, Tokyo: An Underrated Modern District to Add to Your Tokyo Itinerary

This futuristic artificial island is the perfect combination of nature and modernity.

Odaiba Island, Tokyo is a beautiful artificial island located in Japan’s Tokyo Bay. Located just south of central Tokyo, Odaiba is a modern district home to dozens of lively entertainment spots and emits a futuristic vibe. You’ll also find lots of families here thanks to Odaiba’s myriad of family-friendly attractions. Plus, just about 40 minutes from Tokyo Station, the district is a very accessible addition to your Tokyo itinerary. 

While Odaiba receives a large number of visitors, it remains more underrated than other sightseeing spots in Tokyo. Many travellers have not yet explored its full range of unique attractions. From art exhibitions to parks, museums and shopping complexes, Odaiba has it all. We think Odaiba deserves a bigger spotlight; and so, this article covers some of Odaiba’s coolest attractions that are worth checking out!

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Best attractions on Odaiba Island, Tokyo you shouldn’t miss

1. Rainbow Bridge

odaiba island japan rainbow bridge

Image credit: Tanarch via Canva Pro

When you travel to Odaiba Island from central Tokyo, Rainbow Bridge is probably one of the first landmarks you’ll notice. This grand suspension bridge is one of Odaiba’s most iconic landmarks, connecting the district with the main area of Tokyo. At night, Rainbow Bridge is exceptionally gorgeous when it is illuminated. 

One of the best things to do in Odaiba is to walk along Rainbow Bridge and admire the gorgeous views of Tokyo Bay and the city! Travellers can also consider taking a boat cruise along Tokyo Bay to get up close to Rainbow Bridge. The Sumida River Cruise is a highly popular cruise that takes passengers on a scenic boat ride from the Ryogoku River Center to Odaiba Seaside Park

2. teamLab Planets TOKYO

Among Odaiba’s most popular attractions is teamLab Planets TOKYO, one of Tokyo’s most unique and illustrious art museums. This museum is located in Toyosu, which is about four kilometres away from Odaiba. It is a spacious, aesthetic art space centred on the beautiful connection between people and nature. teamLab Planets TOKYO offers visitors a cool immersive experience that’s very different from what you’d experience in a typical art museum. 

odaiba japan team labs planets

Image credit: Jeremy Thompson | Flickr

In this museum, visitors get to walk through the art spaces barefooted to relax and enjoy the ultimate sensory experience. Look forward to immersing yourself in an endless sky of colourful flowers, and expect to wade through knee-high water barefooted. Also, did we mention that teamLab Planets TOKYO is a perfect place to take stunning photos?

The exhibits in teamLab Planets TOKYO change every now and then, so there are always exciting new offerings. If you plan to visit teamLab Planets TOKYO in March, look forward to the dazzling cherry-blossom-themed seasonal exhibits!

Note: teamLab Planets TOKYO is open till 2027, so check it out while you can!

3. Odaiba Seaside Park

odaiba seaside park tokyo

Image credit: Wilson_tw via Canva Pro

Odaiba Seaside Park, also known as Odaiba Marine Park, offers amazing scenic views of the Tokyo skyline and the city’s key landmarks. When night falls, you can even see Tokyo Tower and Rainbow Bridge being illuminated! Tip: The observation deck is one of the best spots to enjoy the views. 

Odaiba Seaside Park is also home to Odaiba Beach, a good place to enjoy outdoor activities. Thrill-seekers will be happy to note that the water is suitable for fun water sports like windsurfing and paddle boarding. 

Moreover, the park is located in close proximity to Odaiba’s most famous shopping complexes, including DECKS Tokyo Beach, DiverCity Tokyo Plaza, and Aqua City Odaiba.

4. Legoland Discovery Center Tokyo

We usually hear of attractions that require children to be accompanied by an adult, but the opposite is true at the Legoland Discovery Center Tokyo in Odaiba: Adults must be accompanied by at least one child aged 12 and below in order to enter the facility! Located within DECKS Tokyo Beach, Legoland Discovery Center Tokyo is one of Odaiba’s best attractions for young children (and parents who love toys).

Here, visitors get to explore the Lego brick factory to observe how the iconic bricks are made, experience hands-on play in Lego workshops, and take exciting rides. This attraction is a huge hit with children, so it’s highly recommended that you make a reservation to enter the complex!

5. Daiba Park

daiba park odaiba island tokyo

Image credit: Dick Thomas Johnson | Flickr

History buffs, you’ll want to visit Daiba Park on Odaiba Island, Tokyo. Once used as a military fort during the Edo period, the park is surrounded by high stone walls. Inside, you’ll find the remains of military warehouses and barracks. 

Today, Daiba Park is a great spot to view Tokyo Bay and take good photos of the Rainbow Bridge. You’ll even see cherry blossoms here during the spring season!

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6. DECKS Tokyo Beach

Image credit: Dick Thomas Johnson | Flickr

DECKS Tokyo Beach is one of the most famous shopping complexes on Odaiba Island, Tokyo. More than a place to pick up great souvenirs, it is home to a number of Odaiba’s most popular attractions such as Madame Tussauds Tokyo, LEGOLAND Discovery Center Tokyo, and the indoor amusement park Tokyo Joypolis

DECKS Tokyo Beach also hosts a beautiful light-up display every day from sundown to midnight, known as the Odaiba Illumination YAKEI. This illumination looks splendid against the backdrop of Tokyo Bay at night! 

TripZilla Tip: The Odaiba Illumination YAKEI is held at DECKS Tokyo Beach, 3F Seaside Deck. 

7. Aqua City Odaiba

Image credit: master2 via Canva Pro

Located next to Odaiba Seaside Park, Aqua City Odaiba is another famous shopping complex on Odaiba Island, Tokyo. It boasts a fantastic view of Tokyo Bay and is one of Odaiba’s largest shopping spots, boasting a huge range of retail stores as well as gourmet options. Foodies, you’ll definitely have a ton of meal choices! A well-known dining place in Aqua City Odaiba is Tokyo Ramen Kokugikan, which serves some of Japan’s best ramen, including the Sapporo Miso, Hakata Tonkotsu, and Kanagawa Shouyu.

8. National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation

Image credit: Yoshikazu TAKADA | Flickr

The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, also popularly known as Miraikan, is a highly respected science and technology museum in Odaiba, Tokyo. Home to high-tech exhibits that are visually outstanding, educational and interactive, it’s a fun attraction suitable for travellers of all ages. 

The museum’s most famous exhibition is the massive Geo-Cosmos globe, a 6.5-metre three-dimensional model that mimics Planet Earth hanging in outer space. The Geo-Cosmos features high-resolution LED panels that display cool geographical data, including cloud movements and the changing colours of the seasons. 

The museum is also home to the stunning Dome Theater Gaia, which gives visitors the perfect immersive cinematic experience in the wonders of science and space. Dome Theater Gaia is very popular, so it’s recommended that you reserve a timeslot in advance.

Fun fact: The museum recently introduced four new permanent exhibitions in Nov 2023. Check them out!

9. Fuji Television Headquarters

Image credit: Gagliardi Photography via Canva Pro

The Fuji Television Headquarters is a massive building home to Fuji TV, one of Japan’s top television channels. The site is famous for its spherical observation room known as the Hachitama, from which visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the skyline and Tokyo Bay. 

Furthermore, travellers who like anime and Japanese dramas will find a wide selection of merchandise available for purchase here. You can also enjoy the anime and drama exhibitions held at the in-house Fuji TV Gallery

10. Symbol Promenade Park

Symbol Promenade Park is a spacious area that connects some of Odaiba’s top entertainment spots. It comprises three sections: East Promenade, Center Promenade, and West Promenade. Strolling through the park is like a mini sightseeing trip in itself as visitors will get to see many of Odaiba’s most famous attractions. And in springtime, flowers such as cherry blossoms, tulips and violets bloom beautifully in the park!

East Promenade connects Ariake Tennis no Mori Park with Tokyo Big Sight, which is Japan’s largest international convention centre that regularly holds popular exhibitions. 

Meanwhile, Center Promenade is home to bridges that link different areas of Odaiba, including Aomi and Ariake. You can even see Mount Fuji from here on a clear day!

At West Promenade, you’ll enjoy a stunning view of Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Tower, and the Statue of Liberty replica. The view is especially beautiful at night when the artificial lights come on. Walking through Symbol Promenade Park is one of the best things to do in Odaiba to get some stunning views of Odaiba’s key landmarks!

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So, if you’ve not yet checked out these 10 amazing attractions on Odaiba Island, Tokyo, add them to your next Tokyo itinerary for an entertainment-filled trip!

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