New Mount Fuji Photo Spot Flocked by Tourists Causing Media Frenzy

New Mount Fuji Photo Spot Flocked by Tourists Causing Media Frenzy

Oops, tourists just discovered a new spot!

Planning a trip to Japan and hoping to capture that iconic photo of Mount Fuji? Hold on, your quest might involve a bit more than just pointing your camera! A recent development involving Lawson convenience stores and the majestic mountain has sparked a social media frenzy. A new Mount Fuji photo spot was discovered by tourists.

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What we know about the new Mount Fuji photo spot

new Mount Fuji photo spot

What started as a charming photo spot next to a Lawson in Fujikawaguchiko turned into a tourist hotspot, raising concerns about safety and disruption for local residents. In response, town officials took a surprising step: installing a giant black cloth in front of the store to deter photo-hungry visitors.

While aiming to address resident concerns, the black cloth wasn’t quite the picturesque solution many travellers envisioned. However, resourceful tourists proved nothing stands in the way of the perfect Fuji shot! They quickly identified a new Mount Fuji photo spot — a different Lawson store about a kilometre away.

Social media is now abuzz with the “alternative Lawson” photo spot, attracting more crowds. The town’s tourism division reports up to 60 people visiting the new location on clear days.

What’s next for tourists?

new Mount Fuji photo spot

Local authorities are urging tourists to be respectful of residents and avoid causing disruptions. They’re also exploring ways to manage crowds, including potentially removing the black cloth from the original Lawson if tourist behaviour improves. Local authorities are introducing QR codes to guide visitors to designated photo spots.

Lawson’s involvement doesn’t end there. Concerned about the commotion and potential impact on their business, Lawson is considering working with travel agencies to remove their stores from tour itineraries. Some residents have also taken matters into their own hands, putting up “Private Property” signs near the newer photo spot.

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While Mount Fuji continues to be a captivating beauty, respecting the surrounding communities and environment is crucial. Travellers can still capture stunning photos, but remember: responsible tourism goes a long way. So, on your next trip to Japan, keep an eye out for designated photo spots and be mindful of the impact your visit might have. After all, a respectful approach ensures the beauty of Mount Fuji and the surrounding areas remains an iconic travel experience for everyone.

All image credit goes to Kawaguchiko | Official Website

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