Man Dresses Up as a Ghost to Help Enforce Movement Control Order

Man Dresses Up as a Ghost to Help Enforce Movement Control Order

Did he make a boo boo?

Teenagers not complying with the Movement Control Order (MCO) raised Muhammad Urabil Alias’s hackles. Frustrated, the man dressed up as a ghost and published several images of a ghastly figure clad in white perched on a van in Terengganu (a state on the eastern coast of Malaysia).

The Facebook post came with a sardonic caption: “Are there any vacancies in RELA (The People’s Volunteer Corps) or the police department tonight? Bored of sitting all alone.” It received overwhelming responses and was shared more than 3,500 times. 

Image credit: Muhd Urabil Alias

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It was later revealed that the ‘mysterious appearance’ was that of Mr Urabil himself. He wanted to frighten youngsters at Taman Anika Jaya, Kampung Tempurung in Chukai for their refusal to adhere to the MCO that was implemented to contain the further spread of Covid-19 plaguing the country.

“Despite the order, there were still many who came out at night so I decided to post the photos on Facebook,” explained the prankster in an interview with Malay daily, Harian Metro.  

Image credit: Muhd Urabil Alias

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Mr Urabil believed that his antics did the trick as the number of locals roaming the streets reduced after his hair-raising photos were circulated online. 

However, netizens reached out to him to verify the veracity of the images. 

“I thought I made it obvious from the light-hearted tone in my post. I was clearly joking, but so many people thought that I was an actual ghost when I was just dressed up as Gandalf,” he said.

“I really didn’t mean to catch this much attention. My wife and I would like to apologise if you think we went too far.”

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