8 Long-Haul Budget Flights from Singapore Under $399

8 Long-Haul Budget Flights from Singapore Under $399

Eager to visit London or Athens – on a budget? Why not grab your flight tickets from low-cost carriers like Scoot and Air Asia X!

Flight tickets can be extremely expensive. So to a wallet-conscious traveller, hopping on a budget flight is often the best way to go.

You might think that budget flights are only for short trips to Hong Kong or weekend getaways to Thailand, but guess what – budget flights do make long-haul trips too! Lucky for us, many low-cost carriers such as AirAsia X and Jetstar Airways have started expanding their long-haul routes in recent years, which means that we no longer have to fork out an arm and a leg just to satisfy our wanderlust!

Without much ado, let me introduce eight budget long-haul flights departing from Singapore that will get you to your dream destinations under S$399:

1. United Kingdom: London (via Norwegian Air)

Image credit: Mariano Mantel

Image credit: Marc Biarnès

How to get there: Norwegian Air flights starting from ~S$199.90 (one-way)

Great news, everyone: Norwegian Air recently announced the launch of its non-stop flights between Singapore and London’s Gatwick Airport. Starting from 28 September this year, travellers can take a direct 13-hour flight to the capital of United Kingdom. Getting to London for ONLY S$199.90? Count me in!

Widely believed to be the cultural capital of the world, London is rich in history and famous for its thriving food scene. While you’re there, be sure to visit its iconic landmarks or pop by cosy cafés to get your full English breakfast fix!

2. Iran: Tehran (via AirAsia X)

Image credit: Gilbert Sopakuwa

Image credit: emc

How to get there: AirAsia X flights starting from ~S$176 (one-way)

Introduced in 2016, AirAsia X connects Kuala Lumpur directly to Tehran, the capital of Iran. Travellers from Singapore would have to make a transit at Kuala Lumpur, but that just means a quick stop in KLIA2 to savour the delicious Malaysian food, amirite?

Iran might not be on the usual list of common travel destinations, but trust me, it is definitely a country worth visiting. With a population of 14 million, Tehran is overflowing with lively bazaars and friendly locals. From the Azadi Tower and the Golestan Palace to the Imamzadeh Saleh and the towering Mount Tochal, the sights and sounds of this beautiful city will surely enthral you.

P.S. Keep a lookout for awesome AirAsia X deals like the Free Seats promotion to get the most value for your money!

3. Greece: Athens (via Scoot)

Image credit: Nico Trinkhaus

Image credit: Nico Trinkhaus

How to get there: Scoot flights starting from ~S$288 (one-way)

Starting this month, travellers will be able to fly directly to Athens on Scoot’s fleet of Boeing 787 Dreamliners. Equipped with mood lighting and in-seat power outlets, Scoot will make this 11-hour journey a breeze!

When it comes to Athens, you can’t miss out on its ancient monuments and magnificent sculptures. Having stood witness to the Ottoman, Byzantine and Roman Empires, the capital of Greece can be said to be the birthplace of western civilisation. From spectacular Greek temples like Parthenon and Temple of Poseidon to modern art museums and fascinating flea markets, Athens is filled with wonderful treasures and eclectic charms.

And if you’re a fan of Mediterranean cuisine, you’re in luck the healthy Greek salads and delicious gyros (a kind of Greek sandwich) will keep your tummy very happy!

4. Oman: Muscat (via IndiGo)

Image credit: Sami Haidar

Image credit: Carla Cometto

How to get there: IndiGo flights starting from ~S$225 (one-way)

Founded in 2006, IndiGo is a low-cost airline headquartered in India. With a layover at Chennai International Airport in India, IndiGo brings travellers from Singapore to Muscat, the capital of Oman.

Surrounded by looming mountains and vast deserts, Muscat is a charming and laid-back city. If adventurous hikes and thrilling dune-bashing is not your thing, you can always visit the various dazzling souks (Arab marketplaces) to get your hands on the delicate ceramics and intricate jewellery available.

Muscat is also home to an endless supply of the freshest seafood fished from the Gulf of Oman. From grilled tuna to juicy prawns to superb lobsters, Muscat is a paradise for seafood lovers!

5. Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast & Perth (via Scoot, Jetstar Airways & Air Asia X)

Image credit: Mark爱生活

Image credit: Mark爱生活

How to get there:

  • Scoot flights to Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast and Perth starting from ~S$128.67 (one-way)
  • Jetstar flights to Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast and Perth starting from ~S$179 (one-way)
  • AirAsia X flights to Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast and Perth starting from ~S$268 (one-way)

Australia surely needs no introduction. Famous for its beautiful Opera House and adorable animals like kangaroos and koalas, Australia is both a country and a continent. Feel free to go snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef, ride the waves at the sunny surf beaches, or even hike up the Blue Mountains. If you’re an avid coffee aficionado, don’t forget to drop by Melbourne to check out its incredible coffee scene!

Some of these flights are direct, whereas some require layovers at Vietnam or Malaysia. So don’t forget to pack your comfy travel pillows and adorable sleep masks along!

6. New Zealand: Auckland, Christchurch & Wellington (via Jetstar Airways)

Image credit: Simeon W

How to get there: Jetstar Airways flights starting from ~S$284 (one-way)

Keen to visit this nature paradise? Then it’s time to get on board Jetstar Airways! With a transit in Melbourne, the flights would bring you to three of the major cities in New Zealand, namely Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington.

Rated the second safest country in the world in the latest Global Peace Index, New Zealand is the perfect destination for solo travellers and newbie backpackers. Don’t miss this chance to enjoy some dramatic views of the breathtaking mountains, shimmering lakes and vast greenlands! Besides swimming with dolphins, thrill-seekers can also opt for an extreme bungee jumping experience. This will be the ultimate leap of faith!

7. Japan: Sapporo (via Scoot)

Image credit: Alexander Gubin

Image credit: かがみ~

How to get there: Scoot flights starting from ~S$205 (one-way)

With Scoot, you can get from Singapore to New Chitose Airport, the main airport in Sapporo. The nine-hour journey also includes a short transit in Taipei!  

Sapporo, the capital of Hokkaido, is well-known for its ramen, beer and the annual Sapporo Snow Festival. Besides trying different types of beer at the Sapporo Beer Museum and admiring ice sculptures at the Snow Festival, visitors can also pop by Odori Park for its mouth-watering food festivals or take a cable car up to Mount Moiwa for an awe-inspiring night view of the city.

Susukino, an entertainment district in Sapporo filled with restaurants, karaoke shops and even red-light establishments, is famous for its Ramen Yokocho (meaning “noodles street”). Definitely a must-visit for all ramen lovers!


8. Hawaii: Honolulu (via AirAsia X & Scoot)

Image credit: Markus Jöbstl

Image credit: Bernard Spragg. NZ

How to get there: AirAsia X flights starting from S$399 and Scoot flights (soon!)

Yes, you read that right it’s Honolulu! AirAsia X will be launching its flights to Honolulu on 28 June, and even Scoot is planning to fly there by the end of the year, bringing us one step closer to that perfect Hawaiian experience!

Full of white sand beaches and breezy palm trees, Honolulu is home to a plethora of dining, shopping and nightlife options. With a mix of bustling sidewalks and laid-back bars, this is a city of contrasting charms. Other than scenic beaches, there are also museums, mountains and military memorials for you to visit!

With the rise of low-cost carriers such as Scoot, AirAsia X and Jetstar Airways, these far-flung destinations don’t seem that impossible anymore. So if you’re searching for your next travel destination, why not consider taking any of these budget long-haul flights?

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