10 Unique McDonald's Items to Hunt Down on Your Travels

10 Unique McDonald’s Items Around The World

Expect Dessert Hotcakes, McShrimps, McToast®, McFlurry Daim and more from all over the world.

Ah, McDonald’s. The Golden Arches has always been neon beacons of hope when craving for non-exotic food in foreign lands. But, do you know that aside from the reliable usuals like Big Mac and McNuggets, there are also special additions that reflect the local cuisine, such as Singapore’s Durian McFlurry? While some don’t quite make the cut to be inducted into the fast food hall of fame, here are ten unique items from McDonald’s that we wish were available back home.

1. Bacon Smokehouse Burger (USA)

mcdonald's around the world

Image credit: McDonald’s USA

Sandwiched between two artisan burger buns smeared with smoky-bacon-onion sauce and mild sweet mustard, the Bacon Smokehouse features applewood smoked bacon, fried onion strings, white cheddar cheese and a beef patty. To be honest, you had us at bacon sauce.

2. Loco Moco Burgers (Japan)

Image credit: Mcdonald’s Japan

Japan gleefully shouts ‘Aloha!’ to Loco Moco Burgers again, as it makes their return to McDonald’s. It is the burger equivalent of the Hawaiian Loco Moco dish, which is rice topped with a burger patty, eggs and gravy. But unlike the usual Loco Moco Burgers, the Spicy Loco Moco also has strips of smoky bacon and a special sauce containing jalapeno and chilli peppers to tingle your taste buds.

3. McToast (Germany)

Image credit: McDonalds Germany

McDonald’s breakfast offerings don’t begin and end with the McMuffins. In Germany, the McDonald’s breakfast menu includes four McToast options; Chocolate, Ham-Cheese scrambled eggs, Bacon-Cheese scrambled eggs and Tomato-Cheese scrambled eggs. Little pockets of joy, that’s what they are!

4. Pão de queijo with Nutella (Brazil)

Image credit: McDonald’s Brazil

While the French pair their coffee with croissants and the Americans match theirs with doughnuts, Brazilians have their beloved pão de queijo accompany their cuppa in the mornings. A chewy and cheesy pastry, this traditional treat has been given a Nutella upgrade at Brazilian McDonald’s. This fun-sized snack, with its unique flavour combination of chocolate and cheese, may be a bit too adventurous for some, but never say never.

5. Green Curry Chicken Pie (Thailand)

mcdonald's around the world

Image credit: McDonalds Thailand

This exotic pie combines the fast food giant’s fried crusts with an unfamiliar filling – green curry chicken! However, as strange as it may seem, this marriage makes perfect sense as the creaminess of the famed Thai curry goes well with the crisp pastry. Plus, it makes eating green curry on the go lot more convenient, for obvious reasons.

6. Crispy Shrimps with Sweet Chilli Dip (The Netherlands)

Once in a while, McDonald’s gets a little fancy pantsy. These delectable morsels are battered shrimps fried to golden greatness and is served with sweet chilli dip. While battered shrimps are not that exotic, it’s still nice to have options beyond McNuggets when you need a quick nibble.

7. Mango Cream Puffs (Hong Kong)

Image credit: McDonalds Hong Kong

McDonald’s is acknowledging Hong Kong’s love affair with mangoes by introducing a slew of mango-based desserts in their stores in Hong Kong, which includes mango cream puffs and mango layer cake. Does its taste match up to expectations? There’s only one way to find out…

8. Dessert Hot Cakes (New Zealand)

Instead of Hot Cakes with the usual margarine and syrup, there’s now the option to start your day with Dessert Hot Cakes! Topped with chocolate garnish and served with ice cream on the side, it’s a tad sinful for daily brekkie so we recommend saving this treat for really good days (or really bad ones).

9. McFlurry Daim & McFlurry Bounty (Switzerland)

Image credit: McDonalds Switzerland

Daim, what took you so long? Swiss McDonald’s spin on the McFlurry sees it combining their well-loved vanilla soft serve with Daim, and Bounty. Brace yourselves for a molar-sticking experience with the Daim McFlurry, we say!

10. Belgian Chocolate Honeycomb Iced Frappe (UK)

mcdonald's around the world

Image credit: McDonalds UK

It’s a hot, hot summer in the United Kingdom this year. To cool the heads of sun-drenched Brits, McDonald’s UK has introduced the Belgian Chocolate Honeycomb Iced Frappe, a blend of honeycomb and milk chocolate, topped with whipped cream and a drizzle of rich chocolate sauce. Better savour it before the weather returns to its usual grey state!

After going through the list, we guess it’s safe to say that McDonald’s is rather genius in creating new items to not cater to the palates of their customers, but also in drumming up hype for them as well.

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