Lionel Messi Leaves Barca & Fans React With Heartbreak

Lionel Messi Leaves Barca & Fans React With Heartbreak

Barcelona fans thank Messi as they grieve his departure.

You’d have to be living under a rock if you haven’t heard the news about Lionel Messi’s emotional exit from FC Barcelona. The videos and photos of Messi shedding tears during his last press conference in Barcelona are everywhere. At 13 years old, Messi was scouted and imported by Barcelona from Argentina, trained to be a champion. 

He considers himself Argentine Spanish and even started his family in Spain. But now at 34 years old, he has to leave and relocate his wife and children. The circumstances which led to his departure from his beloved team were regretful, to say the least. 

Barcelona basically had to choose between the greatest football player of all time and La Liga. But perhaps what rubbed more salt to the wound was that Messi didn’t see any of it coming, nor did his fans. When news broke out, Barca fans flocked to Camp Nou to mourn his departure and celebrate his career in Barcelona. But for the most part, people were seen crying and evidently still coming to terms with the news. 

On social media, the heartbreak was palpable. 

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Barca fans reacting to Messi’s departure

A grieving fan clutches a Messi jersey while crying in front of Camp Nou, as seen on a Twitter fan account. 

Sportskeeda Football on Facebook posted a video of Messi saying goodbye to his teammates and the comment section was filled with bittersweet goodbyes. Watch the full video here.

“This is sad to see, no matter how you feel about Messi and Barca. It’s the end of an era that the majority of us enjoyed. Good luck Leo 💯❤️🤙🏾” – Badar Nawaz Khan

“That’s the end of a wonderful Player-Club relationship, the most decorated one….and will be remembered forever 💯. It was hard to see Messi crying and accept the fact that it has come to an end 😞….It’s even hard to imagine Messi in any other team’s jersey….

Good luck Goat for the new challenge….✌️.” – Aravind Arun

“I’m not a Barcelona fan, but I’m crying with Messi. It’s not about money or fame, it’s about humility, gratitude, loyalty and love. He misses his fans. What a way to say goodbye. 💔” – Annette van Schalkwyk

ESPN FC also posted an emotional video where Messi couldn’t hold back his tears in his last press conference. He was seen wiping his tears away as he was met with a standing ovation. The comment section was filled with adoration and sadness for Messi. Watch the full video here.

“Honestly, he earns respect and love from every single football fan all around the globe. All after 21 years, it’s really heartbreaking to come to this moment and say goodbye abruptly. Barcleona will never be the same after this. Undoubtedly, the greatest player in the history of FCB and La Liga.” – Asif A Chowdhury

“Never imagined I’d see him like this. He always did all he could and bled for Barca. They should build a monument for him. No one will ever come close to what he did and what he is — a fantastic human being.” – Rochak Gupta

“A big respect to the greatest. We are so lucky we lived in his era 🙏🙏. Barcelona will never be the same 😔.” – Andreas Aristotelous

What’s next for Messi?

Clearly, Messi is Barcelona and Barcelona is Messi. That he has to leave truly is an end of an era for Barcelona, and maybe even football. Now the question is: For which team will Messi play next? 

In his press conference, he said nothing is final yet; but he did say that France is an option. “Paris Saint-Germain is a possibility, yes,” he told everyone. 

During his speech, he also stressed how he would like to return to Barca someday. “I hope I can return in some moment to be part of this club, in whatever role, and be able to bring something to keep this club being the best in the world,” said Messi. 

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Emotions have been running high since Messi’s exit from Barca and they haven’t died down. What do you think about Messi’s exit and where would you like to see him play next? Drop us a comment on our Facebook page!

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