Kyushu: Apple Vacations' Recommended Japan Destination in 2016

Kyushu: Apple Vacations’ Recommended Japan Destination in 2016

It's time to explore Japan's third largest island, Kyushu. Home to Mount Aso, Beppu Hot Springs and so much more, Kyushu is truly a hidden gem.

Japan is a destination that offers travellers exciting attractions and unique experiences. Beyond the vibrant city of Tokyo, there are plenty of amazing destinations that should be explored as well. In particular, Apple Vacations’ recommended Kyushu as Japan’s top destination in 2016.

The Magnificent Kyushu

Kyushu, a centre of early civilisation is Japan, is the country’s gateway to Asia. It is blessed with breathtaking natural landscape as well as modern bustling cities. It also made up of a multitude of natural landforms and one of them is the caldera which is known as Mount Aso. Come winter season, the view gets even more magnificent. On top of this, Kyushu is also home to a large number of onsen (hot springs).

Though endowed with beautiful coastlines, captivating natural landscapes and a sub-tropical climate, this third largest island of Japan is not so popular with Malaysian or Singaporean tourists. However, Kyushu is actually one of the most famous tourist spots in Japan! Here are some of the main attractions in Kyushu:

Mount Aso

The famous Mount Aso is a huge volcanic crater located in central Kyushu. It stretches across the Kumamoto Prefecture and Oita Prefecture. It is also the world’s largest crater with a diameter of more than 25km and a circumference up to 100km. This giant crater is surrounded by lofty mountains, providing a breathtaking landscape. From Ruoyo up to the peak of Mount Aso, you can take the cable car to the Aso hill station at edge of the crater.


Cloudless blue skies, lush green meadows, endless mountains and crystal clear ocean. Kumamoto Prefecture is filled with beautiful natural landscapes. The prefecture has 60% of its area covered in forest and this rich forest is the source of fresh clear spring water that nourishes the life of many people. The population of about one million people living in the city of Kumamoto use the natural mineral water from the ground for consumption and bathing.

In addition, Kumamoto Prefecture produces seafood and a wide variety of agricultural produce like rice, vegetables and fruits.  This place is considered a treasure trove of unique and delicious cuisines.


Fukuoka, which faces the Korean Peninsula and Mainland China, is the gateway to Kyushu. During the seventh century, Fukuoka was the centre of administration for Kyushu and now it is a modern city with tourism facilities, rich heritage and stunning sceneries.

One of the must-visit city in Fukuoka Prefecture is Dazaifu, which dates back to 1300 when it was the office of the Chief Administrator of Kyushu. Now it is commonly referred as “Tofuro-ato”. An iconic attraction in the Fukuoka Prefecture, located in Dazaifu, is the magnificent shrine of Dazaifu Tenman-gū. The impressive interior décor of the shrine gives visitors an idea of the prosperity of the city back in its glory days. 

Beppu Hot Springs

The abundance of Hot Springs is one of the characteristics of Kyushu, and Beppu Hot Springs is one of Japan’s most famous hot springs. There are many hot spring hotels in Beppu, each with their individual character. It is a great place to experience the Japanese lifestyle.

The hot springs of Beppu is rich in natural minerals and it believed that there are more than 2000 hot springs here. Beppu’s hot spring output is ranked second in the world after the Yellow Stone National Park in US, but it is the world’s top in terms of usage for hot spring bath.

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