Japan Shortens Quarantine of International Arrivals to 10 Days

Japan Shortens Quarantine of International Arrivals to 10 Days

Japan might ease border restrictions even more after Feb 2022.

Before the rise of the Omicron variant, Japan had eased its border controls and started issuing visas for international students and business travellers once again. But since the rise of Omicron cases around the world, Japan took back its eased protocols and banned the said foreigners, effective until the end of February 2022. However, the Japanese government recently decided to shorten the quarantine period for international arrivals, consisting of its own nationals and foreign residents, to 10 days instead of 14 days. This has been effective since 15 Jan 2022. 

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This applies to Japanese nationals and foreign residents who are also coming from countries and regions where Omicron is the dominant variant. According to Japan Times, this effectively includes all countries and territories around the world. 

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This new ease in border restrictions comes after the new rule for close contacts of COVID-19 cases. Close contacts now only need to quarantine for 10 days in Japan instead of 14 days. It was also brought about by the recent study that the Omicron variant has a shorter incubation period compared to other COVID-19 variants. 

The new 10-day quarantine measure for international arrivals in Japan includes isolation in designated quarantine facilities as well as at home or in other accommodations. During this time, the said travellers will still have to comply with follow-up checks by the Heath Monitoring Center for Overseas Entrants. 

We’ll keep you posted on more developments about Japan quarantine protocols for international arrivals after February. Till then, why not read about the new attractions in Universal Studios Japan?

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