Komodo Island To Be Closed For A Year

Komodo Island To Be Closed To Tourists For A Year

Even (Komodo) dragons need their rest!

Image credit: Charlie Marchant

Even dragons need their downtime too, no matter what Game Of Thrones has taught you!

The famed Komodo Island, the largest of the 29 islands which form the Komodo National Park, will be closed to visitors for a year. According to the East Nusa Tenggara administration, the closure will be beneficial in increasing the population of Komodo dragons, other native animals such as deer, and to improve the island’s habitat. The closure date is yet to be announced. [Update: The closure will begin in January 2020]

Image credit: Mark Dumont

While this may come as disappointing news to would-be travellers to the rugged Indonesian island, they should not fret as the other 28 islands, including the next largest islands of Rinca and Padar, still welcome visitors. They feature similar flora and fauna as Komodo Island, and yes, Here (there) Be Dragons!

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