Cubadak Island: A Secret Paradise on Earth in West Sumatra

Cubadak Island: A Secret Paradise on Earth in West Sumatra

Located in Indonesia's West Sumatra and breathtaking on land and underwater, Cubadak Island is the ideal place for a secluded getaway.

I discovered Cubadak Island by chance as I spend hours trawling the web to find a piece of quiet haven. And to be honest, I feel reluctant to share it with the world in order to preserve its rustic appeal and keep it a secret for many years to come!

Located on an exclusive white sandy beach and surrounded by exceptionally calm waters, Cubadak Paradiso Village is part of the West Sumatra province. The island is surrounded by mountains that shelter it from the strong currents of the sea, making the water amazingly calm and glass-like. Palm trees line the long stretch of beach. It’s hard not to liken it to the setting of the TV series ‘Lost’.

Getting there

Getting to the island is an adventure in itself. Get on a flight to Padang’s Minangkabau International Airport. After that, the resort vehicle will transfer you to the harbour where you get on a short 10-minute boat ride.  

As soon as your boat approaches the island, you will see the owners, a friendly and hospitable French couple Dominique and Marco, standing by the pier with some of their staff awaiting your arrival. It’s like you were visiting an old friend.

The accommodation

The resort offers 12 individual bungalows stretched alongside the beach, all less than 50 metres away from the ocean. The layout of the resort has been designed to provide intimacy to all guests so rest assured your door or veranda will not face any neighbouring bungalows. In fact, all bungalows are sea-facing and built 10 metres apart to ensure maximum privacy. The bungalows are made of wood to preserve the essence of local architecture. Its palm-leaf roofs and wooden-panelled walls are reminiscent of good ol’ kampung houses.

Things to do

Besides frolicking in the clear water and lounging on the sunbeds, you can go for a hike just behind the resort. There is a path that takes you to the top in about 45 minutes where you can get an inspiring photo. You may even spot the colourful kingfisher on your way up.

The island is also great for scuba diving. There are several dive sites within easy reach including a pinnacle and even a wreck! The island has its own house reefs so non-divers can snorkel and explore underwater, but visibility depends on the time of the year you visit.


All meals are taken together at a designated time so if you are not much into socialising during your holiday, then this may not be your scene. The food is cooked by the local chefs and fresh fish caught by the island’s fishermen are served and shared with guests every day. The traditional Indonesian fare and western delights are cooked to perfection. You get a great variety of dishes and some delectable dessert like homemade banana ice cream. So yummy! Please avoid the island if you are on a diet; I certainly don’t think you could resist the delicious spread.

Stay package

The price averages around US$120 per person per night. This includes:

  • Full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Free flow of Indonesian tea or coffee, instant coffee, water.
  • Snorkelling equipment (for adults)
  • Canoes
  • Boat outings (weather depending)
  • All taxes

Weekend getaway?

How about a little piece of this paradise for your next getaway? Be sure to grab your loved ones and start planning your trip!

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