Sky Garden, the Best Party and Clubbing Scene in Bali

Sky Garden, the Best Party and Clubbing Scene in Bali

Bali is a great place to have a good time! If you are looking for one epic night of fun, Sky Garden is the place to go!

If you’re thinking of hitting the clubs for a one last epic night in Bali, Sky Garden is the place to go.

To be honest, I don’t know if Sky Garden has the best nightlife because I have not visited the rest of the clubs and bars. Voted as one of the best night clubs in Bali and according to a friend who is very familiar with Bali’s nightlife, Sky Garden is one of the more decent and more happening clubs. What I mean by decent here is it is  ‘not dodgy’.

It’s hard for me to go into details of why this club is so awesome since I do not go to the clubs that often. All I can say is that I enjoyed the drinks the most, because they were very affordable and good. The rest, well, wasn’t that important to me. Here’s all I could remember from that epic night.

There’s 7 floors of non-stop action

Which is a good thing since everyone has a different beat that they want to groove to. With seven floors, there’s bound to be something you’ll like! Either that or you haven’t drunk enough. The layout is a little bit tricky, and for someone like yours truly who loses her sense of direction after a few drinks, it’s better to visit the toilet with a chaperone.

Drinks are good, and they keep on coming!

Compared to the expensive and relatively mild drinks we get here in Singapore, Sky Garden is not for the faint-hearted. You’re bound to return home in a happy state – that is, if you remembered your way back, and you have yet to pass out.

There are quieter places to retreat to if you’re looking to have a conversation

Hey, if you met somewhat you want to get to know better, there are always places you can go to have a conversation. A bit of flirting is optional. The place is not overwhelmingly packed with people, so you can always have your own personal space with a group of friends.

Toilets are clean

I remembered the toilets very clearly, because I lost my way after some drinks, and was very worried when I couldn’t find my friends. There is a team of cleaners who will check the toilet for any signs of vomit after you leave. I felt that it was a very good way of keeping the toilets clean. There was also a never ending flow of toilet paper.

Apart from having a lot of fun, drinking quite a bit, getting lost, the toilets were all I could remember that fateful night.

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Have any good bars or clubs to recommend in Bali? Please comment!


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