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12 K-Drama Inspired Items for Your Online Shopping Cart & Where to Buy Them

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There are a few things that have genuinely distracted us from the pandemic in the past year, and one of them is undoubtedly the magic of K-dramas. K-dramas served as our happy escape from the worrisome and alarming reality of COVID-19; many newbies welcomed them with open arms, while long-time K-drama fans were happy to share their passion with the rest of the world. So, what happens when a fandom just gets bigger and bigger? Merchandise pops out from everywhere. 

There are countless online stores that now sell K-drama inspired items, whether they’re designed with illustrations of your favourite characters or simply have witty quotes about being a proud K-drama fan. If you’ve been planning to treat yourselves to K-drama items that you can shop online, here are some neat merchandise we suggest!

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From Etsy

1. These cute Crash Landing On You couple mugs

If you’ve become a plant parent recently, then the scene in Crash Landing On You where Se-ri tells Captain Ri to nurture his plant by saying 10 nice things to it might have struck a chord with you. Keep that sentimental scene close to your heart with these cute couple mugs of Se-ri and Captain Ri, both spending time with their beloved plants!

Shop these K-drama inspired items here

2. These ‘Mentor’, ‘CEO’, and Sandbox shirts from Start-Up

Plain and simple as it may be, you can’t deny that Han-Ji Pyeong looked so cool and authoritative in his ‘Mentor’ shirt. If any of us were the CEO of Sandbox, we definitely wouldn’t think twice about picking him as our mentor. #TeamGoodBoy for the win!

Shop these K-drama inspired items here

3. A collection of vinyl stickers of all your favourite K-dramas

Stickers are way too underrated despite the fact that they’re actually effective tools for you to express yourself. In this case, these K-drama vinyl stickers will let everyone know exactly what type of shows you like watching whether they’re comedy, drama, or fantasy. Another benefit is that you can stick these merchandise wherever you want — on your phone, planner, or even laptop. 

Shop these K-drama inspired items here

4. This adorable Mang-Tae phone grip from It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

If the exact replica of the Mang-tae doll that Ko Moon-young and Moon Sang-tae fought over in It’s Okay to Not Be Okay isn’t what you’re looking for, then why not try this phone grip version? Dare we say it’s far more adorable and useful for everyday use than the plushie merchandise that it’s usually sold in!

Shop this K-drama inspired item here.

5. A special something for the introverted fans

Fellow introverts, this shirt will serve you well if you have difficulties starting conversations. I mean, it already does the work for you with what’s written on the front of the shirt. Not only will this top tell people that you’re introverted and love K-dramas, but it’ll also hint at your sense of humour. Instead of two, hit three birds with one stone. The best part is, the top comes in 12 different colours!

Shop these K-drama inspired items here

From Shopee

6. The iconic hard-working cow from What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?

There hasn’t been a more famous plushie born from the K-drama world than the hard-working cow in ‘What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?’. If you were oozing with envy when Lee Young-Joon (Park Seo-joon) gifted Kim Mi-So (Park Min-young) with this uber huggable plushie, you can just buy the merchandise for yourself so you can pretend that PSJ gave it to you instead! Or if you’re lucky enough to have a significant other, send them this article to give them a little nudge!

Shop these K-drama inspired items from the following: Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia

7. More Itaewon Class stickers

Can’t get enough of Park Seo-joon? These Itaewon Class stickers will surely leave no doubt to anyone’s mind that you’re a hardcore PSJ fan. This mini series set has two versions and both of them depict iconic posters, signs, and silhouettes from the show. 

Shop these K-drama inspired items here.

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From Lazada

8. This irresistible hedgehog couple plushie from Touch Your Heart

Hedgehogs are seemingly sharp and spiky on the outside but are real cuties on the inside, just like how Jung-Rok is described in Touch Your Heart, which also explains the presence of these plushies in the K-drama. In case you know someone who also fits the description, maybe this would be a perfect gift for them. 

These K-drama inspired items are available on all Southeast Asia Lazada websites except Vietnam. Check them out here

9. It’s Okay to Not Be Okay’s Mang-Tae and dino plushies as charming keychains

In case you want to bring along Mang-Tae and the loveable dino plushie from Its Okay to Not Be Okay everywhere without looking too weird, then opt for these keychains. It’ll be easier to dig out your car keys or wallet inside your bag if they have these two for company. 

These K-drama inspired items are available on Lazada’s Singapore, Philippines, and Thailand websites. They’re also available on the Singapore and Philippines Shopee websites. 

From Redbubble

10. A statement tote bag for you to show off

Granted, this witty quote can be found printed on several merchandises from other websites like Etsy and Shopee, but this version with a retro motif takes the cake for us. It isn’t too imposing as it would be on a shirt, and the bag’s design with the finger hearts in the centre still keeps it faithful to K-drama culture. 

Shop this K-drama inspired item here

11. This minimalist Goblin throw blanket to keep you warm at night

Do you still have a Goblin hangover? Then lie in bed with this comfortable Goblin throw blanket to keep you warm and well-rested for your power naps and beauty sleep. Cross your fingers that you’ll dream about the sweet scenes that Gong Yoo and Kim Go-eun shared in the show!

Shop this K-drama inspired item here

12. A couple of bath mats that feature your favourite K-dramas

If your bathroom’s in need of a facelift, consider sprinkling it with a touch of K-drama. You can get these bath mats in two sizes with different K-drama characters as their designs, from shows like Extraordinary You and Itaewon Class to The King: Eternal Monarch.

Fun fact: Redbubble specialises on printing on-demand products based on submitted artworks by different artists, so one design can easily be printed and produced on various merchandise. In the same manner, an item can be printed with different artworks so customers won’t be left wanting. Best of all, Redbubble ships worldwide! 

Shop these K-drama inspired items here

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We’re sure there are plenty more customised K-drama items and merchandise out there whose shops are yet to be discovered. If you’d like to suggest more online stores where we can buy K-drama inspired items that ship within Asia, or better yet worldwide, hit us up on our Facebook page!

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