A 5D4N Fun & Easy Itinerary to Enjoy The Best of Tokyo’s Nature, Shopping & Pop Culture!

A 5D4N Fun & Easy Itinerary to Enjoy The Best of Tokyo’s Nature, Shopping & Pop Culture!

Tokyo needs no introduction but if you’re looking for another excuse to head to Tokyo, here it is.

Whether you’re stuck with a serious case of FOMO, or you’re just waiting for the perfect opportunity to make another return trip, now might be the perfect time to pack your bags for Tokyo!

There’s little we don’t know about Tokyo already; it’s the biggest metropolitan city and is everyone’s food, shopping, entertainment and culture haven. Thanks to JTB, now you’ve got the chance to head to Tokyo for your own 5D4N Fun & Easy trip from only S$1,288! Inclusive of return air tickets on Japan Airlines, pick and choose your own itinerary and customise it however you like, without having to worry about accommodation, flights or transportation!

Need a little extra help? Here’s our recommended Tokyo itinerary that covers the best the city has to offer!

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Day 1: Yoyogi Park, Meiji Jingu & Harajuku

Your adventure begins from the very moment you touch down in Tokyo! With the Haneda  Limousine Bus, you can skip the long train queues and arduous train rides into central Tokyo as it charters you straight to Hotel Metropolitan Edmont, your 4-star accommodation for the next few days!

Image credit: Shinjiro

After dropping off your baggage in the hotel, it’s time to start exploring. Head on over to Yoyogi Koen from Yoyogi Station. A walk through the tranquil forest path is exactly what you’d need to leave behind your worries back at home.

Image credit: JNTO

The stroll will bring you to Meiji Jingu, marked by a set of massive torii gates. It’s one of the most popular shrines in Japan, and here you can take part in typical Shinto activities such as making offerings at the main hall or writing out your wishes on an ema. If you’re lucky, you might even get to see a traditional Shinto wedding procession!

Image credit: JNTO

With how quiet and relaxing it is inside the park, you’d be surprised by the 360 difference over at Harajuku’s Takeshitadori just across the road! From fashion boutiques to second-hand shops, crepe shops to fast-food restaurants, Takeshitadori is a whirlwind of pop culture and one of the best places to go shopping. We highly recommend taking a pitstop at the back of Harajuku where Gindaco Takoyaki is for a platter of piping hot octopus balls, before braving the crowds of the main street.

Image credit: JNTO

If you have time afterwards, just down the street is Omotesando, a picturesque shopping street, much like Singapore’s own Orchard Road. Don’t miss out on Omotesando Hills, a posh shopping complex that houses plenty of local and international fashion labels, from Yohji Yamamoto to Jimmy Choo.

Day 2: Ghibli Museum, Inokashira Park & Shimokitazawa

Image credit: Kim

When in Tokyo, the Ghibli Museum has got to be on your to-do list. Here, fantasy comes to life as you trace the footsteps of your childhood through the exhibits. Every room is built with intricate detail, creating a wonderland of all the popular worlds from the silver screen.

While tickets normally go on sale well in advance, they tend to get snapped up really quickly. Fortunately, JTB’S 5D4N Fun & Easy Tokyo package comes along with a free ticket to the museum!

Image credit: Kakidai

After making the trip all the way to Western Tokyo, you might as well make the most of it. Just next to the museum is Inokashira Park, famed for being one of the best sakura spots in the country as well as for its beautiful lake. If you’re feeling peckish, the nearby Cafe du Lievre serves up some pretty awesome crepes and coffee.

Image credit: Japan Guide

On the way back to the main city, you’ll pass by Nakano Broadway. It’s every otaku’s dream, with four levels of idol, manga and game collectable shops. Even if you’re not interested in those, there are plenty of shops selling food, fashion and other souvenirs.

Image credit: JNTO

For even more shopping, Shimokitazawa is the place to go. If you love for nothing more than bargain hunting and antiques, Shimokitazawa is bursting full of thrift shops. You’ll also find some of the best curated Western vintages here, and yes, that includes vinyl records!

Image credit: Karaoke Kan

Once night falls, it’s not time to head back to your hotel just yet! Now is the prime time to experience Tokyo’s pulsating nightlife and one of the best (and safest) ways to do so is to find the nearest karaoke chain and book a room! Sing non-stop through the night because as the saying goes: sleep is for the weak!

Day 3: Tsukiji Fish Market, Owl Café & Tokyo Tower

Image credit: Edomura no tokuzou

Of course, while in Japan, you’ve got to have sashimi! What was once Tsukiji’s inner markets has since relocated and been renamed Toyosu Market. Here is where you’ll witness the famous Tuna Fish auctions amongst other seafood, fruits and vegetable sales. Many of Tsukiji’s previous restaurant tenants have also been relocated to the upper levels too, including some of their most popular sushi restaurants.

Image credit: Japan Guide

If not, you can definitely get your fill of fresh fish over at Tsukiji Fish Market. As most of the produce served and sold are shipped directly from Toyosu Market, it is, hands down, one of the best places in Tokyo to enjoy fresh seafood.

Image credit: Fukuro no Mise

It’s then time to head to Fukuro no Mise Owl Café in Tsukishima (be sure to make a reservation earlier on in the day). You can set your worries about animal cruelty aside here, as there are strict measures in place to maintain the well-being of the owls. Each time slot has a strictly regulated number of customers allowed at once, and the staff keep a close watch to ensure that both the customers and owls are comfortable and having fun. They’ve also got Harry Potter robes for you to dress up and take photos with the owls in!

Image credit: Japan Guide

One of the best places to end the day is over at the Tokyo Tower, offering an undisturbed view of Tokyo’s twinkling city lights. If you’re lucky enough, you might even get to see Mount Fuji and the Sumida Skytree from the tower’s observation deck.

What’s particularly special about the Tokyo Tower has to be the One Piece Tower – the indoor amusement park featuring shows, games and attractions based on the global hit manga. While you’d normally need to ballot for tickets, JTB’S 5D4N Fun & Easy Tokyo provides the option of a free Tokyo One Piece Tower ticket!

Day 4: Tokyo Disney Resort

Image credit: Tokyo Disney Resort

If you’ve gone to Tokyo without a trip to Tokyo Disney Resort, can you really say you’ve been to Tokyo at all? Any Disney fan will tell you that Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea are on a completely different level from the rest of the parks, and in our opinion? We’d take their word for it.

There are plenty of attractions and experiences found only in Tokyo Disney Resort, so you’d really best allocate an entire day to enjoy the entire park. What’s more, your Hotel Metropolitan Edmont accommodation as part of the 5D4N Fun & Easy Tokyo package is a Good Neighbour Hotel, meaning that you’ll get to enjoy complimentary shuttle buses between the hotel and the resort.

Image credit: Tokyo Disney Resort

There are seven areas in Disneyland itself, and even more over at DisneySea. With such a huge variety of attractions ranging from thriller haunted houses, adrenaline-pumping rollercoasters and magical parade displays, you don’t have to be a fan of Disney to have an enjoyable time!

Image credit: Ichiran Ramen

Even after a day’s adventure at Disney Resort, there’s always time to visit Ichiran Ramen for a steaming hot bowl of ramen for supper! Arguably the most popular ramen joints of all time, Ichiran Ramen is a household name that you have to try at least once. You can even bring home a packet of instant Ichiran Ramen!

Day 5: Oedo Onsen Monogatari and back to Singapore

Image credit: Oedo Onsen Monogatari

For your final day in Tokyo, why not take things a little easier and soak away all your muscle aches at Oedo Onsen Monogatari? A theme park and bathhouse all-in-one, it’s the best place to relax in an onsen without having to leave Central Tokyo and the perfect end to your Tokyo trip.

Apart from a buffet of 13 different hot spring baths, you can also play traditional carnival games within the premises! You can also go for a full body massage to thoroughly undo those knots and tight muscles. Anime lovers will also be delighted to know that the onsen has occasional collaborations with popular animes, so keep a lookout on their page for updates!

Once you’ve checked out from your hotel, enjoy a smooth ride on the Narita Limousine Bus that’ll take you straight to the airport.

While this is just our recommended itinerary, there’s plenty more you can see and do while in Tokyo! With JTB’s Fun & Easy 5D4N Tokyo package, have all the nitty-gritty details settled for you while you enjoy the freedom to decide your own schedule. From only S$1,288, book your spot now to enjoy this exclusive price!

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