Things to Do and Places to Go in Suita City, Japan

Suita City Guide: Things to Do & Places to Go

Located in northern Osaka Prefecture, the city of Suita has plenty of attractions that will fill up your day. Here are some of the top places to visit.

Despite being home to one of the most recognisable icons in Japan’s postwar history, Suita City is often left out by tourists who are pressed for time and seeking out more prominent sightseeing spots in Osaka and Kyoto. Should these tourists come to Suita City, they would discover that it’s a great break from the crowds. On top of that, the city can easily be explored within a day as the main attractions are within walking distance of each other.

Here are some of the top places to visit in Suita:

Tower of the Sun

things to do in suita city

The city’s icon greets you even before you disembark from the train. From a distance, the Tower of the Sun breaks out from a foliage of greenery, making it hard not to notice. An installation made by artist Tarō Okamoto for the 1970 World Exposition held in Osaka during the development of modern art in Japan, the Tower of the Sun features two faces: Light and Dark. The former can be seen from afar while the latter can only be seen from the other side of the park.

Once you get used or even take a liking to the outlandish appearance of the tower, you can grab a souvenir bearing its unmistakable visage at the shops near the bridge which leads to the park’s entrance.

Expo Commemoration Park

The Expo Commemoration Park, known in Japanese as Banpaku Kinen Kouen, is a sizeable garden most notable for housing the Tower of the Sun, the Expo Centre, and the National Museum of Ethnology. The wide expanse of greenery allows for a good walk, and you may catch a lovely display of flowers, depending on the time of the year. There is also a Japanese garden which offers a different design of flora, and during late March to early June, it is possible to catch sight of fireflies aglow as they enter their mating season.

National Museum of Ethnology

things to do in suita city

Showcasing various artifacts from cultures around the world grouped into nine world regions, the National Museum of Ethnology offers an interesting and educational tour. The audio guide offered at the start of the walk provides detailed information on the displays. Discounts for seniors and students are available.

Expo’70 Pavilion

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With the Osaka World Expo already done and dusted more than 30 years ago, all that’s left to remind visitors of the event are the various installations around the park (of which the Tower of the Sun is one), as well as the Expo’70 Pavilion. You can learn more about this event in Japan’s postwar history through the many visual records and artifacts, so this would be a treat for those interested in Japan’s development as a country.

Japanese Folks Craft Museum

This museum features several of Japan’s traditional folk crafts such as lacquerware, ceramics and textiles, and was one of the original pavilions during the 1970 World Expo.


things to do in suita city

When you have had your fill of nature and the outdoors, head to Expocity and enjoy the rest of your day here. Besides boasting Lalaport Expocity, a sizeable shopping arcade made up of more than 300 shops with several eateries and cafes, there are also several indoor attractions you can enjoy.

Pokemon Gym and Gundam Café

Those into anime culture would be interested in the Pokémon Gym, a small indoor theme park for children, as well as the Gundam Cafe which offers foods inspired by the franchise. When you’re done with your meal, head over to the small shop beside it for Gundam merchandise and kits.

Orbit and Nifrel

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These two indoor attractions offer unique experiences for nature lovers. At Nifrel, you encounter creatures from both land and sea, while Orbit lets you experience the different phenomena of nature.

Getting there

Contrary to what you might assume, most of Suita City’s attractions are at not at Suita City Station. Instead, change train at Minami-Ibaraki Station and alight at Banpaku-Kinen-Kōen Station where there’s a friendly white statue waiting to welcome you to Suita City.

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