Hidden Gems in Kuala Lumpur: 10 Underrated Places Worth Discovering

10 Hidden Gems in Kuala Lumpur That Are Worth Exploring

Explore Kuala Lumpur and beyond, off the beaten path!

Are you tired of the mainstream attractions in Malaysia’s capital city, or you’re wanting to explore Kuala Lumpur off the beaten path? We’ve got you covered! Here’s a list of hidden gems in Kuala Lumpur and beyond, from natural attractions to gorgeous buildings — and some that even locals probably don’t know about. 

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Hidden gems in KL and Selangor you should check out

1. The LINC KL

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Image credit: Cecelia Chang

As a local, The LINC KL is one of my favourite shopping malls to go to, especially when I want to shop somewhere less crowded. It is nearby KLCC Twin Towers, and less than a five-minute walk from the Ampang Park LRT and MRT station

Image credit: Cecelia Chang

Since a few years ago, The LINC KL is already known as an Instagrammable spot for its vibrant staircase and colourful paper cranes. Nevertheless, many don’t know that you can actually visit the Alam Pasu cafe here, where you get to dine under a huge tree while surrounded by lush plants. Besides, there’s also a restaurant here called De.Wan 1958 by the famous Chef Wan. Most corners in The LINC also have adorable art murals, making it truly a hidden gem in Kuala Lumpur to stop by!

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2. Taman Tasik Ampang Hilir

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Image credit: Cecelia Chang

This park named Taman Tasik Ampang Hilir features a large lake and is located around 15 minutes away from the KLCC Twin Towers. Having been to this park myself at night, I was surprised there is still such a hidden gem in the bustling KL city. Taman Tasik Ampang Hilir is open every day from 6am to 10pm, and there are some athletic facilities available. It is suitable for those of you who like doing exercises like jogging and running, or simply spending time in an oasis of serenity.

3. Come True Cafe

Inside the first Southeast Asian outlet of the well-known Taiwanese bookstore chain, eSlite Spectrum Starhill, you’ll find Come True Cafe. The cafe serves various types of cuisine, mainly Western cuisine like pasta, pizza, and seafood. Originating from Taiwan, it’s most famous for its coffee drinks and delicate desserts such as souffle pancakes. 

Nevertheless, the coffee and the food are not the biggest draws here. Since the cafe is located on the second floor of Starhill, you’ll be greeted by a view of Pavilion KL and the famous Bukit Bintang Crossing known as the “Shibuya Crossing of Malaysia.” A secret Kuala Lumpur viewing spot, how wonderful!

TripZilla Tip: Remember to book the outdoor table in advance so you get the best view!

4. Plaza Arkadia

If you’re looking for a place to hang out with your furry friends in KL, then check out Plaza Arkadia in Desa ParkCity, one of the hidden gems in Kuala Lumpur not many have been to yet. This pet-friendly shopping destination has a plethora of bougie restaurants and retail stores. There’s also an open-air area right in the centre of the mall where pets can run around and have fun. 

What’s more, there are several quirky decorations for photo-taking. The mall looks additionally charming at night, with yellow fairy lights hanging almost everywhere. 

5. Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Mosque

Image credit: Firdouss Ross

Apart from the famous Blue Mosque in Turkey, there is also a blue mosque in Malaysia that is just as stunning. Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Mosque is situated in Shah Alam, Selangor, which is only around an hour away from Kuala Lumpur city centre. This mosque is the largest mosque in Malaysia and looks resplendent from afar. The exquisite blue and silver glass dome makes it a perfect photo-taking place, whether inside or outside.

TripZilla Tip: To enter the mosque, visitors are required to comply with the Islamic dress code. For non-Muslim travellers, please avoid visiting during prayer time.

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6. Bamboo Hills

Spanning 16 acres, Bamboo Hills is one of the KL hidden gems that has only been open for around a year (as of writing). It is situated by a highway called Lebuhraya DUKE

Bamboo Hills is a quaint dining destination. The lush greenery, ponds, and other water features in the area allow you to grab a cup of coffee, or have a scrumptious meal while enjoying the serene atmosphere. There is also a large outdoor event space that can fit up to 80 people, great for holding wedding ceremonies or birthday parties.

7. Farm Fresh at UPM

Image credit: Farm Fresh at UPM

Experience this “mini New Zealand” in Farm Fresh at UPM. Here, visitors can say hi to lovely animals like cows, rabbits, geese, goats, and ducks. The blue sky and giant green field make this place an Instagrammable spot and a perfect destination to relax and have a meal. You can get your hands on freshly harvested fruits and vegetables, as well as fresh milk, milk tea, and soft serve from Jom Cha, a bubble tea shop here. There is also a cafe and a stall offering handmade pizza, curry puffs, and more.

TripZilla Tip: The farm is closed on Mondays, and the tables here are on a first come, first served basis. Although it is open from 10am to 7pm, do come earlier as the last entrance is at 5pm.

8. Morib Beach and Kelanang Beach

Image credit: Esmonde Yong

If you’re tired of the hectic urban life in Kuala Lumpur, check out the beautiful beaches in the town of Banting. These beaches are not too far away from KL and are some of the most ideal places to let go of your stress. 

Kelanang Beach, aka Pantai Kelanang, is best known for its captivating sunset view as well as being a good camping site. Parents usually bring their children here to play with the water and sand. Morib Beach, on the other hand, is a wonderful picnic spot and is suitable for leisure activities like taking a walk and kite-flying. The sunset view here is also enchanting, making it a locals’ favourite hang-out spot.

Other hidden gems near KL that are great for day trips

9. Sekinchan

Image credit (L-R): Nazarizal Mohammad; Cecelia Chang

Sekinchan is an underrated holiday destination, only around one and a half hours from KL. This town is surrounded by many green and yellow paddy fields, and there are a lot of fun things to do. Visitors can indulge in activities like watching fireflies, taking pretty pictures at the Kuala Selangor Sky Mirror, and learning about rice harvesting at the Paddy Gallery

Pantai Redang is also a great place to unwind and relax. Take a therapeutic walk by the beach, or head to the popular red Wishing Tree nearby and make a wish. Besides, check out Ah Ma House: a traditional bakery selling handmade kuih kapit (a type of crunchy wafer snack made using egg batter), traditional Malaysian snacks and candies, and traditional toys that are a part of most Malaysians’ childhood. 

10. Bukit Tinggi

You’ve probably heard of Cameron Highlands and Genting Highlands. But did you know about another mountain named Bukit Tinggi and its “French Village”? Bukit Tinggi Highlands is another one of the hidden gems near Kuala Lumpur. It offers a welcome respite from KL’s hot and humid weather, and you can immerse yourself in a luxurious session at the Chateau Spa & Wellness Resort

The highlight of Bukit Tinggi is undoubtedly the Colmar Tropicale, Berjaya Hills: a French-themed resort where the buildings incorporate medieval and Alsace elements — making them a unique photo-taking spot. You’re also welcome to explore the Japanese Village featuring zen gardens, koi fish, and traditional Japanese houses. There’s also an adventure park, sports complex, golf, and botanic garden that caters to all types of travellers.

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So there you have it, a list of hidden gems in Kuala Lumpur that most travel guides won’t bring you to. Remember to bookmark the list for your next adventure in Kuala Lumpur or Klang Valley. Do allocate more days to explore the beauty of these places comprehensively!

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