Dream Forest Langkawi Guide: All You Need to Know

A Guide to Dream Forest Langkawi — Malaysia’s Newest Attraction!

A dreamland you never wish to wake up from.

Langkawi, Kedah is easily one of Malaysia‘s most popular destinations, offering unique holiday experiences. Adding more to its one-of-a-kind attractions is Dream Forest Langkawi: the country’s first and latest integrated theme park, which features immersive and multi-sensory experiences for visitors. If you ever wished to traverse the world of Avatar, this whimsical place will give you just that — but with tenfold excitement!

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What is Dream Forest Langkawi?

dream forest langkawi entrance

Just like the name suggests, Dream Forest Langkawi is a unique night attraction that binds the concept of rainforest escapades with an unforgettable immersive experience. Here’s where you get to see Langkawi’s legends (such as Princess Dayang Bunting and Merong Mahawangsa) come to life. This is made possible by its spellbinding multi-sensory projection mapping and memorable soundscapes throughout the 12km night tour. 

FYI, the dreamy theme park in Langkawi first opened its doors on 16 Jun 2023 and has since been getting more and more visitors come nightfall. What’s more, you can expect no less from this 15.8-acre natural theatrical space, knowing that the mastermind behind this brilliant idea is Puan Sri Tiara Jacquelina herself. The President and Chief Dream Maker of the Enfiniti Group is also known as Puteri Gunung Ledang by most Malaysians, thanks to her exceptional acting in the 2004 film, Puteri Gunung Ledang!

Operating hours: 7pm to 12am (Tuesday to Mondays; closed on Wednesday)

What are the attractions in Dream Forest Langkawi?

The Portal of Dreams

dream forest langkawi portal of dreams

The magical experience starts as soon as you enter this giant storybook portal that’ll transport you to a realm of stories. Step inside and you’ll be greeted by an interactive wayang kulit showcase projected on the Bamboo Frame Screen. Don’t stop here; walk deeper into the glowing forest as your journey is just about to begin!

The Legend of Tasik Dayang Bunting

dream forest langkawi tasik dayang bunting zone

This is where you get to uncover the tale behind Langkawi’s famous lake, Tasik Dayang Bunting. Follow the trail of Mat Teja as he collects the mermaid’s tears. Afterwards, unfolds the love story between him and Mambang Sari, the ethereal princess whose infant died within a week of their marriage. Accompanying your colourful journey are swaying lalang (“long grass” in Malay) lights and the scent of bakawali flowers that’ll surely enhance your nighttime adventure. 

The Mother Tree: Gedembai’s Sanctuary

dream forest langkawi sang gedembai

Probably the most popular spot in Dream Forest Langkawi, this zone is dedicated to Sang Gedembai: a mythical creature with the power to curse and transform things into stones. The giant, mysterious being in green will surely captivate anyone’s heart with her charming smile, enhanced by an ethereal soundscape that echoes across the land. 

Tree Village

tree village bonfire

Tired of walking and in need of a break? Tree Village is where you can take a breather with some marshmallows and handcrafted butterfly pea teas as you sit around a beautiful bonfire. Passing along this zone allows you to walk under the canopy of a giant ficus tree and a century- old meranti (a type of timber), before heading out to your next stop. 

Tales of Merong Mahawangsa

tales of merong mahawangsa and garuda

After the much-needed break, continue your journey in the Kingdom of Langkasuka. What to enjoy in this zone? Well, you can light up hundreds of luminous fireflies by singing through an orb or fire at a garuda (a mythical bird) with an ayun-ayunan through an interactive laser archery battle! Afterwards, drop by Tok Dalang’s Magical Theatre. There, you can learn the entire tale of Merong Mahawangsa and Garuda via a wayang kulit (an Indonesian form of shadow puppetry). 

Giants of Langkawi

giants of langkawi zone

The final stop of your journey would be the world of giants that unveils the story behind Gunung Raya, a famous peak in Langkawi. Legend has it that the mount was once a giant named Mat Raya, a guardian of Langkawi Island. So march through this giant-lore zone and find out how he became a mountain. Afterwards, witness a 360° immersive animated projection featuring a ground-breaking fight between Mat Raya and Mat Chinchang!

How much are Dream Forest Langkawi tickets?

two travellers in tasik dayang bunting

Langkawi residents

Those residing in Langkawi will get to enjoy a much cheaper price than non-residents. An adult entering Dream Forest Langkawi will need to pay RM38 (~S$10.85). Meanwhile, kids aged three to 15 and senior citizens (60 years old and above) will be charged RM28 (~S$7.98) each. Children under two years old can enter for free. This rule applies to both Mykad holder and non-Mykad holder categories. 

Mykad holders

Malaysian residents not from Langkawi can also enjoy relatively cheap ticket rates when entering this nighttime wonderland. An adult will be charged RM68 per head. The ticket price for a child aged three to 15 is RM48 (~$13.70). As for senior citizens aged 60 years and above, they only need to pay RM38 (~S$10.85) per head. If you’re coming with a family of four (two adults and two children), the total ticket price would be RM218 (~S$62.24). 

Non-Mykad holders

Non-Mykad holders coming to Langkawi to experience this immersive night walk will still be able to enjoy affordable ticket rates. Adults are charged RM98 (~S$27.98), while children between three and 15 years old can enter for RM78 (~S$22.27). A senior citizen (60 years and above) ticket price is RM48 (~S$13.70) per head. A family of four on the other hand gets to enter with a total price of RM330 (~S$94.22).

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So, there you have it — a complete guide to the magical Dream Forest Langkawi and its wonders! Planning to visit Langkawi soon? Check out this ultimate 3D2N itinerary in Langkawi to get only the best bits of the island on your next getaway! 

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